Literary Theory: An Introduction Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the significance of Viktor Shklovsky's 1917 essay "Art as Device," according to Eagleton?

Eagleton cites Shklovsky's essay as the beginning of literary theory as a discipline, which had an enormous impact on critics and scholars.

2. How does Eagleton respond to critics who claim that literary theory as irrelevant or elitist and what are its implications?

Eagleton states that critics who claim are hostile to literary theory are unaware that they are in the grips of an older theory. Eagleton's point reveals that all people are impacted by ideology, consciously or not.

3. What is Eagleton's goal in writing "Literary Theory: An Introduction"?

Eagleton states that his book is an attempt to present literary theory in a comprehensive way for people within and outside of the academy. Its main goal is to demonstrate how politics and literature are intertwined.

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