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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Reception Theory.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For Eagleton, E.D. Hirsch attempts to "offer a form of knowledge" that is what?
(a) Titular.
(b) Telling.
(c) Temporary.
(d) Timeless.

2. According to Eagleton, what becomes the "panacea for all problems" as part of the romantics' aesthetic theory at the turn of the eighteenth century?
(a) The text.
(b) The symbol.
(c) The image.
(d) The word.

3. According to Eagleton, "if one were asked to provide a single explanation for the growth of English in the later nineteenth century" what would it be?
(a) The failure of government."
(b) The success of religion."
(c) The failure of religion.
(d) The success of government.

4. According to Eagleton, who "harnessed this Romantic humanism to the cause of the working class" in the late nineteenth-century?
(a) Percy Shelley.
(b) Samuel Coleridge.
(c) William Morris.
(d) Lord Byron.

5. From the viewpoint of Roland Barthes, Eagleton argues that "reading is less like a _______ than a _________."
(a) "Boudoir; laboratory."
(b) "Boudoir; system."
(c) "Laboratory; boudoir."
(d) "Philosophy; laboratory."

Short Answer Questions

1. What three sequential stages does Eagleton point out in the development of modern literary theory?

2. What kind of analysis is phenomenology, according to Eagleton?

3. According to Eagleton, "Literary Theory: An Introduction" has managed to reach readers beyond __________.

4. What is "imaginative" literature or literature that is not necessarily true?

5. According to Eagleton, as the first industrialist capitalist nation, England becomes what kind of state?

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