Daily Lessons for Teaching Literary Theory: An Introduction

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Lesson 1 (from Preface)


Terry Eagleton's book is now famous for introducing larger public to literary theory. The purpose of Lesson #1 is to examine Eagleton's views on the relevance literary theory has for readers within and outside academia.


1) Class Discussion: What argument does Eagleton make about the relevance of literary theory for those who are outside of academia and may not be familiar with the subject? Why do you think he insists on proclaiming that literary theory has a larger, political purpose?

2) Class Debate: Split the class into two groups and have one side argue on behalf of Eagleton and the other side refute the idea that literary theory can have relevance outside of educational institutions.

3) Group Activity: In two to four groups, research and provide information about the publication of "Literary Theory: An Introduction." Include book reviews and essays about Eagleton as a writer and scholar. Present your...

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