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Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the arguments for and against literary theory.

1) According to Eagleton, why have people opposed literary theory?

2) What is Eagleton's position regarding literary theory?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the ways in which the concept of literature has changed from the seventeenth century to the twentieth century.

1) What was considered literature in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries?

2) How do the romantic movement transform the definition of literature?

3) What was the function of literature during the Victorian era?

Essay Topic 3

Choose two Russian formalists and discuss their work.

1) How did they define literature?

2) What aspects of literary production did they focus on?

Essay Topic 4

Define the notion of estrangement and choose two examples from the book as evidence for this concept.

Essay Topic 5

What is the relationship between politics and literature, according to Eagleton? How does the production of literature inculcate and disseminate ideological values?

Essay Topic 6

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