Literary Theory: An Introduction Character Descriptions

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Roland Barthes

This person was a radical member of the reception theory movement who later served as a transitional figure between structuralism and post-structuralism.

Matthew Arnold

This person was a nineteenth-century aristocrat who believed that the promotion of English literature was key to political unity and would distract the working-class from its hardships.

F.R. Leaves

This person was a founding member of the Scrutiny movement in early twentieth century England and believed that literature was the medicine to cure spiritual crisis.

Ferdinand de Saussure

This person was a French linguist whose theory was known as structuralist linguistics because it focused on the structure, not content, of language, which distinguished the signifier and the signified.

Sigmund Freud

This person was an Austrian thinker whose work formed the basis for the scientific study of psychology.

Karl Marx

This person was a nineteenth-century German philosopher, economist, and political theorist who...

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