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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the dispatcher say the juvenile subjects are wearing?

2. What does Leaphorn say three dollars is a show of in Short Mountain country?

3. Where does O'Malley say Hoski went after Washington?

4. What had Leaphorn's maternal grandmother been?

5. What happened to John Tull when he was thirteen?

Short Essay Questions

1. What new information does Witover give Leaphorn?

2. Why did Leaphorn go to the canyon in the first place?

3. Why does Leaphorn refuse to talk to Theodora about Benjamin?

4. What does Leaphorn find out about Tull in this section?

5. What is a skinwalker?

6. Why does Leaphorn think Theodora and Benjamin are in trouble?

7. What does Benjamin say is his relationship with Theodora?

8. How does Leaphorn find his way to the canyon?

9. How does Benjamin Tso die?

10. What does Leaphorn learn about the Boy Scouts in this section?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How accurate is Tony Hillerman's representation of the Navajo tribe? In what way does Leaphorn have the characteristics of a Navajo member? How does he use the story and character to create his representation?

Essay Topic 2

The author wrote LISTENING WOMAN in the third person. Why do you think the author chose to write the story in the third person? How do you think the meaning of the story would change if the author wrote it in the first person?

Essay Topic 3

What are the main turning points of the book? How does Hillerman develop his story to get to each turning point? What happens to the story after a major turning point?

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