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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of meat are the Dinees roasting?
(a) Mutton.
(b) Duck.
(c) Pork.
(d) Beef.

2. What does Leaphorn use to kill the dog at the end of the section?
(a) A rock.
(b) A pool of water.
(c) A stick.
(d) A rock.

3. What does Leaphorn think will kill him if the flames don't?
(a) His weak heart.
(b) A lack of oxygen.
(c) Dehydration.
(d) Starvation.

4. How does the author describe the scout leader's face?
(a) Child-like.
(b) Doll-like.
(c) Bull-like.
(d) Gargoyle-like.

5. How does Margaret describe the policeman she last talked to?
(a) White.
(b) Groundless.
(c) Atheist.
(d) Heady.

6. What are the Arizona Police describing on Leaphorn's radio?
(a) A gangster hideout.
(b) A motorbike.
(c) A truck.
(d) A murder victim.

7. What is inside the gasoline cans?
(a) Nuts.
(b) Gas.
(c) Coffee.
(d) Dynamite.

8. What is the name of the company Goldrims worked for?
(a) Buffalo Society.
(b) System Security Inc.
(c) The Indian Circle.
(d) AIM.

9. What kind of cigarettes does Steiner have?
(a) Lucky Strikes.
(b) Pall Mall.
(c) Embassy.
(d) Marlborough.

10. What does Leaphorn say he sees in the blue-haze distance?
(a) The fifth world.
(b) Peace.
(c) Heaven.
(d) Poverty.

11. What does Tull tell O'Malley he wanted to collect when his friends left him?
(a) His Red Cross stickers.
(b) His Salvation Army badge.
(c) His Blue Cross benefits.
(d) His children.

12. What kind of painting does Margaret say the old man had said had been spoiled?
(a) Dry paintings.
(b) Wet paintings.
(c) Cave paintings.
(d) Cubist paintings.

13. What animal is it taboo to kill?
(a) A toad.
(b) A sheep.
(c) A horse.
(d) A frog.

14. What color is Tull's hair?
(a) Blond.
(b) Black.
(c) Brown.
(d) Red.

15. What kind of twins does Tso say he and brothers are?
(a) Hero twins.
(b) Religious twins.
(c) Devil twins.
(d) Delta twins.

Short Answer Questions

1. What words begin the taped message?

2. What has the dog taken from Leaphorn?

3. What does Leaphorn unhook from his belt after the dog runs away?

4. What animal greets the summer night?

5. What happened to John Tull when he was thirteen?

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