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The road where Joe Leaphorn is traveling with the Begay boy in custody when he first encounters the man he later learns is James Tso.

Short Mountain Trading Post

The out-of-the-way trading post owned by McGinnis where Leaphorn first encounters Theodora Adams.

Tuba City

Where the substation of the police department is and where Leaphorn reports after having lost Begay.

Arizona State

Where Leaphorn studied anthropology.

Mud Dinee

The name give to the Listening Woman's clan.


Where Leaphorn goes to get more information about the murders and the helicopter case.

Buffalo Society

The society that's an off-shoot of the American Indian Movement and to which James Tso claims to be a member.

Lake Powell

Where people believe the helicopter crashed and sank.


Where Father Benjamin Tso and Theodora Adams met.

Olds Prairie Murders

The name given to the murders of a small group...

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