Listening Woman Character Descriptions

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Joe Leaphorn

He is a conscientious person who wants order above all else. Whenever he has a nagging problem, it's typically because he can't find the order in the situation and feels that once he finds that natural order, the problem will be solved.

James Tso

He is a manipulative man, and is also very meticulous and cunning. He is a self-serving individual who takes it for granted that he should get whatever he wants at any cost.

Father Benjamin Tso

He returns to Navajo country because he believes his grandfather sent him a letter and because he is seeking to get away from a young woman.

Hosteen Tso

He claims to have seen the desecration of multiple sand paintings which turns out to be at the heart of the murder and a related case.

Margaret Cigaret

She is a powerful woman among the people of her tribe...

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