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Chapters One through Three

• Margaret Cigaret also known as the Listening Woman conducts a reading for Hosteen Tso. Margaret tells him the fact he killed a frog could be what is responsible for his illness.

• Tso tells the Listening Woman he wants to write a letter to his grandson. The Listening Woman tells him to ask John McGinnis to write it.
• The Listening Woman has a vision of Tso braiding his hair in a cave. After awhile his face changes to the face of a dead man.

• The Listening Woman now knows she has to tell Tso to arrange for a singer who knows the Mountain Way and Black Rain.
• The Listening Woman calls for her niece to help her. When she doesn't come, she goes looking for her. She finds her niece and Tso dead.

• Joe Leaphorn is driving down Navajo Highway One with one of the...

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