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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the favorite topic of conversation when Betsy Goodman, Mary Nell Fickett, Elizabeth Frazer, and Lisa Shilling just sit around and chat?

2. Which major character has frequent visual and audible hallucinations?

3. During one early group therapy session, why does Mary Nell Fickett get angry with Elizabeth Frazer?

4. What does Lisa Shilling hope to accomplish by walking deliberately through a floor-to-ceiling window?

5. After Lisa Shilling walks through a floor-to-ceiling window and is taken to the hospital, Mr. Goodman, Betsy Goodman, Mary Nell Fickett, and Elizabeth Frazer all attempt to convince Mrs. Shilling that Lisa's actions were a cry for help. How does Mrs. Shilling respond?

Short Essay Questions

1. Mr. Milne makes a few attempts to have Lisa Shilling's condition accepted and treated. He calls upon the school authorities in a formal and, later, an informal manner. He also meets with Rev. Fickett and Mr. Shilling directly. His attempts meet with failure as first Bernstein and the school administration and later Mr. Shilling stonewall him. Should Milne have done anything differently? Should Milne have given up when he did?

2. As the novel points out, Mr. and Mrs. Shilling ultimately are the legally responsible persons for the care of the daughter Lisa. After reading of their stubborn refusal to admit there is a problem, is this the approach that society should continue to utilize for child rearing?

3. What actions does Lisa Shilling take to attempt to convince her parents that she needs professional help?

4. After Lisa assaults Elizabeth, she makes her close friends make her a particular promise. What is the promise, and why does she make them accept it?

5. How might the narrative differ if the protagonists were male?

6. Is Betsy Goodman a reliable narrator?

7. Describe some of Lisa Shilling's self-destructive behaviors.

8. Between Elizabeth Frazer, Mary Nell Fickett, and Betsy Goodman, which character tries the least to understand Lisa Shilling's diagnosis?

9. Cover photographs aside, what narratives clues are there that identify the four protagonists as white?

10. If you were in Lisa's situation, to whom would you turn for help?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Assume that the basis of all criticism is the reader's response to the text. Without focusing on a critical theory, describe your reaction to the text. Did you like the book? Why or why not? What aspects (if any) of the novel did you particularly like, and why? What aspects (if any) did you particularly dislike, and why?

Essay Topic 2

Of the four primary mothers in the novel--Mrs. Shilling, Mrs. Goodman, Mrs. Fickett, and Mrs. Frazer--who would you least like to have as a mother? Why?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the family dynamics of the Goodman family. What do the parents spend their time doing? What do the children spend their time doing? Who talks to whom? Also, who doesn't communicate? Does it 'matter' that Lisa has an older, married sister?

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