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Short Answer Questions

1. During one early group therapy session, why does Mary Nell Fickett get angry with Elizabeth Frazer?

2. During a barbecue near the end of the school year, Elizabeth Frazer deliberately provkes Lisa Shilling. Why does she do this?

3. After Betsy Goodman, Mary Nell Fickett, and Elizabeth Frazer feel they have not been able to help Lisa Shilling, what does Mrs. Goodman advise them to do?

4. What does Elizabeth Frazer believe must happen before Mr. and Mrs. Shilling will obtain professional help for Lisa Shilling?

5. Who does Lisa Shilling accuse of trying to steal Brian Morris away from her?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Lisa Shilling's punctuality and dependability.

2. As the novel points out, Mr. and Mrs. Shilling ultimately are the legally responsible persons for the care of the daughter Lisa. After reading of their stubborn refusal to admit there is a problem, is this the approach that society should continue to utilize for child rearing?

3. Lisa Shilling occasionally talks in a deep, sultry voice with a notable English accent. Betsy Goodman associates this English-sounding Lisa with the dark Lisa. In popular psychology, what type of mental illness would account for this distinction?

4. Mary Nell Fickett and Betsy Goodman briefly consider inviting Lisa Shilling's younger sister Tracy to their group therapy sessions. They decide against it. Why do they decide against it?

5. The Reverend Fickett makes a personal attempt to have Lisa Shilling's condition accepted and treated. With Mr. Milne, a school teacher, he calls upon Mr. Shilling directly. His attempt meets with failure as Mr. Shilling stonewalls him. Should Rev. Fickett have done anything differently? Should Rev. Fickett have given up when he did?

6. When discussing a movie about mental illness with her friends, Lisa Shilling comments on one particular aspect or scene of the movie that makes her uncomfortable. What is that aspect?

7. Betsy Goodman is watching a television program about a mentally ill (and committed) patient when Lisa Shilling arrives. Why does Lisa's appearance make Betsy uncomfortable?

8. If you were in Lisa's situation, to whom would you turn for help?

9. How might the narrative differ if the protagonists were male?

10. After Lisa Shilling deliberately walks through a glass window she is hospitalized with fairly serious injuries. She remains in the hospital for at least a few days. Mary Nell Fickett assumes that this suicide attempt necessarily will involve social workers who will force Mr. and Mrs. Shilling to confront Lisa's mental illness. However, this does not occur. Why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Imagine you are on a jury deciding the apportionment of 'blame' for Lisa's worsening condition. Which character of the novel would you select to receive the lion's share of the blame for Lisa spending many months with worsening symptoms without receiving adequate professional help. For this exercise, you may not select Mr. or Mrs. Shilling. Explain and defend your selection.

Essay Topic 2

Elizabeth Frazer was diagnosed with an unspecified but severe mental illness at about age twelve or thirteen. She spent four years committed in an asylum under the care of Dr. Neil Donovan. She then moves to the town of the novel's primary setting and lives there for about a year or perhaps two. Immediately, she is noticed by Lisa Shilling who feels some type of affinity for her because they both somehow share the bond of mental illness. Discuss this strange attraction. Is it credible? How might it arise? Why does Elizabeth not run away from Lisa as representative of a past she herself has struggled with?

Essay Topic 3

When the novel was first published it was quite up to date and contemporaneous. For today, however, the novel has many elements that appear dated. List elements in the novel that made you think you were reading a dated novel, and explain why. Use examples from the text.

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