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Short Answer Questions

1. As Lisa Shilling's mental condition continues to deteriorate, what are some of the things she does that are disconcerting to Betsy Goodman?

2. Which major character does Mrs. Shilling address as "'some sixteen-year-old bitch-to-be'" (p. 116)?

3. Lisa Shilling disappears while she is at Betsy Goodman's house waiting for Mary Nell Fickett and Elizabeth Frazer to arrive. Where does Lisa go?

4. After Lisa Shilling attacks Elizabeth Frazer how does she [Lisa] behave?

5. During some group therapy sessions Mary Nell Fickett encourages Lisa Shilling to "free-associate" (p. 83). What does Mary Nell mean by this term?

Short Essay Questions

1. Lisa Shilling occasionally talks in a deep, sultry voice with a notable English accent. Betsy Goodman associates this English-sounding Lisa with the dark Lisa. In popular psychology, what type of mental illness would account for this distinction?

2. How does Betsy Goodman's focus on movie stars help develop the plot?

3. What techniques does Mrs. Shilling utilize to ignore her daughter Lisa's symptoms of mental illness?

4. After Lisa assaults Elizabeth, she makes her close friends make her a particular promise. What is the promise, and why does she make them accept it?

5. If you were in Lisa's situation, to whom would you turn for help?

6. As the novel points out, Mr. and Mrs. Shilling ultimately are the legally responsible persons for the care of the daughter Lisa. After reading of their stubborn refusal to admit there is a problem, is this the approach that society should continue to utilize for child rearing?

7. After Lisa Shilling deliberately walks through a glass window she is hospitalized with fairly serious injuries. She remains in the hospital for at least a few days. Mary Nell Fickett assumes that this suicide attempt necessarily will involve social workers who will force Mr. and Mrs. Shilling to confront Lisa's mental illness. However, this does not occur. Why?

8. Describe some of Lisa Shilling's self-destructive behaviors.

9. Between Elizabeth Frazer, Mary Nell Fickett, and Betsy Goodman, which character tries the least to understand Lisa Shilling's diagnosis?

10. The four protagonists have a backyard cookout that ends with Lisa Shilling assaulting Elizabeth Frazer. What leads up to Lisa's assault?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the family dynamics of the Shilling family. What do the parents spend their time doing? What do the children spend their time doing? Who talks to whom? Also, who doesn't communicate?

Essay Topic 2

Examine the role of race in the novel--do characters act appropriate for their race? Indeed, what race are the characters? What tale-tell signs indicate race in fiction?

Essay Topic 3

Which character causes the most harm to Lisa Shilling--Mr. Bernstein, Mr. Shilling, or Mrs. Shilling? Explain and defend your selection.

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