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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Elizabeth Frazer bluntly states that Lisa Shilling needs to be placed in a mental institution, how does Mrs. Shilling (Lisa's mother) respond?
(a) She says she'd like to help but Mr. Shilling has forbidden it.
(b) She embraces Elizabeth and thanks her for her concern.
(c) She tells Elizabeth that Lisa is already on the way to an asylum.
(d) She slaps Elizabeth and tells her to stay away from Lisa.

2. Early in their developing friendship, Lisa Shillings makes Betsy Goodman promise that...
(a) Betsy will always be honest.
(b) Betsy will never write anything down.
(c) Betsy will never speak to Elizabeth Frazer.
(d) Betsy will never date Brian Morris.

3. Mr. Shilling meets with Rev. Fickett, Mr. Milne, and his daughter, and rejects their claim that Lisa Shilling is suffering from mental illness. What does Mr. Shilling do after the meeting ends?
(a) He starts drinking heavily.
(b) He roughs up his wife and daughters.
(c) He takes Lisa to the hospital.
(d) He leaves town on a business trip.

4. During a barbecue near the end of the school year, Elizabeth Frazer deliberately provkes Lisa Shilling. Why does she do this?
(a) She knows she can easily win in a fight against Lisa.
(b) She wants Lisa to get arrested.
(c) She wants to get Lisa expelled from school.
(d) She hopes to draw attention to Lisa's mental condition.

5. Betsy Goodman and Mary Nell Fickett try to diagnose Lisa Shilling by watching Elizabeth Taylor's performance in which movie?
(a) Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
(b) Three Faces of Eve.
(c) Cleopatra.
(d) Raintree Country.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Mrs. Shilling begins to realize that perhaps her daughter Lisa really is suffering from mental illness, what is one of her first responses?

2. By the end of the school year, which major character is the least optimistic about Lisa Shilling's chances for recovery?

3. Why does Mary Nell Fickett tell Betsy Goodman that she is furious with Elizabeth Frazer?

4. When Mrs. Shilling arrived at the Goodman house just after Lisa Shilling's accident and saw a broken window, what was her first assumption?

5. Rev. Fickett and Mr. Milne, a schoolteacher, talk to Mr. Shilling about Lisa Shilling's situation. Why is Mrs. Shilling not present for that conversation?

Short Essay Questions

1. Cover photographs aside, what narratives clues are there that identify the four protagonists as white?

2. After Lisa Shilling deliberately walks through a glass window she is hospitalized with fairly serious injuries. She remains in the hospital for at least a few days. Mary Nell Fickett assumes that this suicide attempt necessarily will involve social workers who will force Mr. and Mrs. Shilling to confront Lisa's mental illness. However, this does not occur. Why?

3. Mary Nell Fickett believes that she might fully master the study of abnormal psychology by reading many books. Describe Mary Nell's reasoning and comment upon it.

4. The Reverend Fickett makes a personal attempt to have Lisa Shilling's condition accepted and treated. With Mr. Milne, a school teacher, he calls upon Mr. Shilling directly. His attempt meets with failure as Mr. Shilling stonewalls him. Should Rev. Fickett have done anything differently? Should Rev. Fickett have given up when he did?

5. Between Elizabeth Frazer, Mary Nell Fickett, and Betsy Goodman, which character tries the least to understand Lisa Shilling's diagnosis?

6. Betsy Goodman meets with Mr. Bernstein several times and he explains why he cannot become involved. Yet she continues to turn to him for help. Why does Betsy continue to attempt to rely on Mr. Bernstein?

7. Mary Nell Fickett and Betsy Goodman briefly consider inviting Lisa Shilling's younger sister Tracy to their group therapy sessions. They decide against it. Why do they decide against it?

8. How does Betsy Goodman's focus on movie stars help develop the plot?

9. What techniques does Mrs. Shilling utilize to ignore her daughter Lisa's symptoms of mental illness?

10. If you were in Lisa's situation, to whom would you turn for help?

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