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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Just after Brian Morris breaks up with her, Lisa Shilling begins to befriend which major character?
(a) Elizabeth Frazer.
(b) Betsy Goodman.
(c) Mary Nell Fickett.
(d) Neil Donovan.

2. Mary Nell Fickett and Betsy Goodman compile a list of psychological conditions including paranoia, schizophrenia, split-personality, and paranoia. To whom do they think this list applies?
(a) Brian Morris.
(b) Lisa Shilling.
(c) Jeremy Bernstein.
(d) Elizabeth Frazer.

3. The narrator compares her newly-built school to her old school and notes that both schools have the same...
(a) Tuna fish sandwiches every Friday.
(b) Style of lockers.
(c) Type of indirect lighting.
(d) Color of blackboards.

4. Before moving to Long Island, Mary Nell Fickett lived in what U.S. State?
(a) Utah.
(b) Montana.
(c) Nevada.
(d) California.

5. Which major character says "'You're right about Lisa. You can't even begin to imagine how sick she is. But if you're going to sign up here, you have to expect a lot of rough play'" (p. 58)?
(a) Mary Nell Fickett.
(b) Elizabeth Frazer.
(c) Paul Newman.
(d) Betsy Goodman.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Lisa Shilling's self-mutilation episode at school, Jeremy Bernstein diagnoses Lisa's condition as...

2. The school guidance counselor's name is...

3. Which major character says "'No matter what you decide to do, I won't be able to help you very much'" (p. 48)?

4. What is the profession of Betsy Goodman's father ?

5. Who first decides to try and help Lisa Shilling?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Elizabeth Frazer gradually become the de facto decision-maker of what is and is not good for Lisa Shilling?

2. Why is Betsy Goodman the youngest of the major protagonists?

3. Describe the nature of the relationship between Brian Morris and Lisa Shilling in the early part of the novel.

4. Mental illness aside, how typical are the four main protagonists of the novel?

5. What kind of a job does Mr. Jackson do as the school principal?

6. Why does the narrator spend so much time establishing which protagonist is better looking, which is more intelligent, and which is from a wealthier family?

7. Describe the family situation of the four main characters.

8. Describe Lisa on a so-called bright day and contrast that description to Lisa on a so-called dark day.

9. What kind of a job does Jeremy Bernstein do as the high school guidance counselor?

10. What kind of a job does Mr. Goodman do as an insurance salesman?

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