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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the novel's title "Lisa, Bright and Dark", to what does the term "Bright" refer?
(a) Lisa's obsession with the sun.
(b) Lisa's periods of mental illness.
(c) Lisa's periods of relative normalcy.
(d) Lisa's use of an English accent when talking.

2. The narrator describes which major character as fulfilling the role of school princess (that is, regal, cool, far off, blonde, and slim)?
(a) Betsy Goodman.
(b) Mary Nell Fickett.
(c) Lisa Shilling.
(d) Elizabeth Frazer.

3. Where do Betsy Goodman, Mary Nell Fickett, and Lisa Shilling first meet for an impromptu group therapy session?
(a) At the Ficketts' house.
(b) At the Long Island public library.
(c) At a popular diner.
(d) At the Shillings' house.

4. When Lisa Shilling first tells her father that she thinks she might be going crazy, he tells her...
(a) That she should drink more coffee.
(b) That she should visit with a psychiatrist.
(c) That she's seen too many movies.
(d) That Shillings don't go crazy.

5. Lisa Shilling's only sibling is..
(a) Tracy, a younger sister.
(b) Elizabeth, an older sister.
(c) Brian, an older brother.
(d) Ben, a younger brother.

Short Answer Questions

1. The first person to suspect that perhaps Lisa Shilling did have a mental illness was...

2. According to the narrator, who is "the gasp!!!!" (p. 23) of the school?

3. When Betsy Goodman finds Mary Nell Fickett and Lisa Shilling in Mr. Milne's classroom, Lisa Shilling is hiding underneath Mr. Milne's desk and doing what?

4. Which character is described by the narrator as trying "to hard to be clever, too hard to be quick, too hard at everything except at being himself" (pp. 28-29)?

5. Lisa Shilling's conversation with her parents opens the novel. Lisa tries to talk to her parents about something important. Lisa's mother, Mrs. Shilling, responds by doing what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Lisa Shilling feel more comfortable with her new friend Betsy Goodman than with her older friend Mary Nell Fickett?

2. What kind of a job does Mr. Jackson do as the school principal?

3. What kind of a job does Jeremy Bernstein do as the high school guidance counselor?

4. Describe Mary Nell Fickett's and Besty Goodman's initial attempts to secure professional help for their friend Lisa Shilling.

5. In what is Mr. Shilling primarily interested?

6. Based on the various descriptions of the four main protagonists' families, do you believe they would all go to the same public high school?

7. Why does Elizabeth Frazer gradually become the de facto decision-maker of what is and is not good for Lisa Shilling?

8. What kind of a job does Rev. Fickett do as a church reverend?

9. What kind of a job does Mr. Goodman do as an insurance salesman?

10. What aspect of Mary Nell Fickett's personality is demonstrated by her voluminous reading of psychology textbooks?

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