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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 6 - 10 (Pages 33 - 60).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lisa wait until her friend is present to talk about a serious medical condition with her parents?
(a) The medical condition is about her friend.
(b) She hopes that her friend will act as a witness.
(c) The medical condition was caused by her friend.
(d) She wants her friend to pay for the treatment.

2. Betsy Goodman asks Jeremy Bernstein about Lisa Shilling's mental illness. Bernstein responds by...
(a) Saying Betsy won't be able to help but offering to lend Betsy some books.
(b) Saying he will take over Lisa's therapy.
(c) Suggesting Betsy is doing more harm than good.
(d) Telling Betsy to focus on her schoolwork and leave Lisa alone.

3. The narrator describes which major character as fulfilling the role of school princess (that is, regal, cool, far off, blonde, and slim)?
(a) Elizabeth Frazer.
(b) Lisa Shilling.
(c) Betsy Goodman.
(d) Mary Nell Fickett.

4. Betsy Goodman says her father calls "choosing what you want to hear and concentrating only on that" (p. 18) by the phrase...
(a) Selective inattention.
(b) A blind spot.
(c) Wishful thinking.
(d) Living in your own world.

5. What trait is referred to in the novel as "'Locust Valley Lockjaw'" (p. 30)?
(a) Refusing to apologize for anything.
(b) Refusing to eat insects.
(c) Talking without moving your mouth.
(d) Refusing to say something bad about someone.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lisa Shilling's conversation with her parents opens the novel. Lisa tries to tell her parents that she thinks she might be crazy because...

2. According to the narrator, who "counts less" (p. 12) than anyone else in the novel?

3. Mary Nell Fickett explains how she intends to help Lisa Shilling--she refers to the process as...

4. In the novel's title "Lisa, Bright and Dark", to what does the term "Dark" refer?

5. Lisa Shilling sometimes speaks with what kind of an affected accent?

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