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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 11 - 15 (Pages 60 - 96).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lisa Shilling tells her friends that she is always tired. Why is she always tired?
(a) Because she sneaks out at night to visit her boyfriend Brian Morris.
(b) Because her father makes her clean house for several hours every night.
(c) Because when she tries to sleep she hears many voices talking to her.
(d) Because she likes to stay up late watching television.

2. What diagnosis is described by "when someone wants to do something and yet knows he shouldn't, he reaches out for the thing he shouldn't have, remembers he shouldn't have it, and pulls back. He can go through this for hours, days, years, which makes him absolutely motionless, afraid to do anything" (p. 62)?
(a) Approach-avoidance conflict.
(b) Schizophrenia.
(c) Downs syndrome.
(d) Obesity.

3. The novel begins with a recalled conversation between Lisa Shilling and her parents. Which of Lisa's acquaintances is present for the conversation?
(a) Mary Nell Fickett.
(b) Betsy Goodman.
(c) Brian Morris.
(d) Elizabeth Frazer.

4. Just after Brian Morris breaks up with her, Lisa Shilling begins to befriend which major character?
(a) Betsy Goodman.
(b) Neil Donovan.
(c) Mary Nell Fickett.
(d) Elizabeth Frazer.

5. Which major character has frequent visual and audible hallucinations?
(a) Lisa Shilling.
(b) Elizabeth Frazer.
(c) Betsy Goodman.
(d) Mary Nell Fickett.

Short Answer Questions

1. Betsy Goodman states that she is...

2. As Lisa Shilling's mental condition continues to deteriorate, how do her classmates respond?

3. As Mary Nell Fickett's confidence sinks, what happens to Betsy Goodman?

4. After spending a few hours researching various topics in psychology and mental illness, Betsy Goodman is confused and decides to...

5. Elizabeth Frazer agrees to try to help Lisa Shilling only after...

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