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Anthony Harvey
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Eleanor realizes she now has an advantage, and tells Geoffrey what?
(a) To keep John away from Henry.
(b) To keep John away from Philip.
(c) To take Philip to John.
(d) To take John to Philip.

2. What does Richard try to convince Philip to do?
(a) Make an alliance against his brothers.
(b) Sign a peace treaty.
(c) Make an alliance against Eleanor.
(d) Make an alliance against Henry.

3. What is Alais doing as this scene begins?
(a) Reading a book by the fire.
(b) Sitting by the fire, adding spices to a pot of hot wine and singing a Christmas carol.
(c) Sleeping by the fire.
(d) Knitting by the fire and singing Christmas carols.

4. After negotiating use of land and horses, why does Richard say he never wrote?
(a) He did not know what to say.
(b) He did not think Philip would answer.
(c) He cannot spell.
(d) He does not trust Philip.

5. What does Henry say about his two demands, for Alais' marriage or the return of the Vexin?
(a) The Vexin will happen now.
(b) Alais' marriage will happen now.
(c) They may both happen now.
(d) Neither will happen now.

Short Answer Questions

1. What implies that Philip is out for revenge?

2. What does Henry convince Alais?

3. What does Alais comment about Eleanor?

4. Does Henry believe Richard?

5. How does Henry feel about the way the situation played out?

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