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Anthony Harvey
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Henry ask Alais to stay?
(a) He does not trust her.
(b) He loves her.
(c) He does not want her to be alone.
(d) Seeing them together upsets Eleanor.

2. To whom does Henry say Alais matters?
(a) Only to Eleanor.
(b) Only to him.
(c) Only to John.
(d) Only to Richard.

3. How does his response to whether he ever loved Eleanor affect her?
(a) She says that will make the fight to come more pleasant.
(b) She is surprised at his response.
(c) She is disappointed.
(d) She is angry and vows to get revenge.

4. What does Henry tell her when he sees her put this on?
(a) It is not warm enough.
(b) She is making a futile gesture.
(c) They are too small.
(d) She looks beautiful.

5. When would Philip add his soldiers to John's?
(a) If John goes against Eleanor.
(b) If John agrees to get the Vexin for Philip.
(c) If John marries Alais.
(d) If John decides on war.

Short Answer Questions

1. What promises does Henry make to Eleanor?

2. How big is the Vexin?

3. As Eleanor drinks her wine, what does she recall?

4. With what type of woman does Henry say he has always fallen in love?

5. What does Geoffrey say he wants to watch?

Short Essay Questions

1. What plans do the boys make once their mother arrives?

2. How does John feel about Henry? How does Henry learn of this?

3. What plot is Geoffrey working on?

4. What does Henry tell Alais about his enemies?

5. How does Eleanor respond when John asks if she truly cares?

6. What would Alais like to see happen to Eleanor?

7. What do Geoffrey and John do as Richard is heard offstage?

8. What does Philip tell Richard to do, when they hear Henry calling for Philip?

9. How does Henry respond when Eleanor agrees to his plan with one condition?

10. How is it learned that there is a romance between Philip and Richard?

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