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Anthony Harvey
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Henry say about Philip's plan to let the princes fight Henry instead of doing it himself?
(a) It is so dangerous.
(b) It is a horrible idea.
(c) It is first-class thinking.
(d) It is a selfish thing to do.

2. What does Henry tell Alais?
(a) She is marrying Richard.
(b) They are leaving for Rome.
(c) He is leaving for Rome.
(d) He is sending her to Rome.

3. To what does Richard challenge Henry?
(a) A duel.
(b) War.
(c) A game of chess.
(d) A jousting tournament.

4. How does Henry feel about the way the situation played out?
(a) Pleased.
(b) Surprised.
(c) Worried.
(d) Upset.

5. Why does Alais say this about the brothers?
(a) She hates them and wants to see them dead.
(b) She wants to marry one of them.
(c) She cares for them.
(d) If she ever actually has a child they would come after it and kill it.

6. What does Henry do to try to get Alais to obey him?
(a) He bullies her.
(b) He bribes her.
(c) He blackmails her.
(d) He tortures her.

7. What does Alais tell Henry to do about his sons?
(a) Kill them.
(b) Leave them there.
(c) Help them escape.
(d) Exile them.

8. Why does Henry say he made the deal?
(a) Because he wants what Eleanor wants.
(b) Because he no longer loves Alais.
(c) Because he cares for Richard.
(d) Because of the treaty with Philip.

9. What does Eleanor begin to sing?
(a) A song she had learned as a child.
(b) The carol Alais was singing at the beginning of the scene.
(c) Another song.
(d) Her favorite song.

10. What happens as Geoffrey and Philip discuss what alliances they could make if Geoffrey were to inherit the throne?
(a) Eleanor arrives and wants to join the alliance.
(b) Richard jumps out from behind the bed and wants to join the alliance.
(c) John jumps out from behind a tapestry and accuses Geoffrey of betraying him.
(d) Henry runs into the room and asks what is going on.

11. Eleanor realizes she now has an advantage, and tells Geoffrey what?
(a) To keep John away from Henry.
(b) To take John to Philip.
(c) To keep John away from Philip.
(d) To take Philip to John.

12. About what do Henry and Eleanor tease each other?
(a) How scared they were and what happens next.
(b) How silly the whole situation is.
(c) How old they have become.
(d) How selfish their children are.

13. Henry speaks lovingly to Alais, and then as Eleanor watches, what does he do?
(a) He turns and kisses Eleanor.
(b) He kisses her passionately.
(c) He tells Alais to leave.
(d) He tells Alais he was only pretending to love her.

14. Henry pours Eleanor wine, asking her what?
(a) Whether it is true that she wants him back.
(b) Will she ever love him.
(c) Why she has come.
(d) He should do about the kingdom.

15. Why did Eleanor hate Rosamund?
(a) She taunted Eleanor.
(b) She was more beautiful than Eleanor.
(c) She was an evil woman.
(d) She took her place at Henry's side.

Short Answer Questions

1. Richard enters, complaining about what?

2. John enters, saying he wants to do what?

3. How does Henry describe himself?

4. Why does Henry tell Alais to go to bed?

5. What does Richard say is the only thing he wants from Henry?

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