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Anthony Harvey
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Eleanor hate Rosamund?
(a) She taunted Eleanor.
(b) She was an evil woman.
(c) She was more beautiful than Eleanor.
(d) She took her place at Henry's side.

2. What does Eleanor say to them?
(a) Do not hurt each other. I do not want blood on my carpet.
(b) Stop already!
(c) Go ahead and kill each other. I am tired of dealing with the lot of you.
(d) People with their differences and hatreds are the origins of war but they could also be the origins of peace.

3. How does Richard react when Henry reveals that Eleanor has given him the Aquitaine in exchange for freedom?
(a) He is surprised that he had fallen into this trap.
(b) He angrily refuses to go through with the ceremony, accusing Eleanor of lying to him and refusing to give her the Aquitaine.
(c) He is embarrassed that he had trusted his father.
(d) He is unsure as to what to do.

4. Philip opens the canopy of the bed, suggesting that Richard do what?
(a) Rest and relax.
(b) Make the bed.
(c) Take a nap.
(d) Hide and listen to what Henry has to say.

5. What causes Richard to pull a dagger on John?
(a) John is scared of knives.
(b) John threatens him.
(c) John mocks him.
(d) John waves a dagger in Richard's face.

6. Why does Alais say this about the brothers?
(a) She wants to marry one of them.
(b) If she ever actually has a child they would come after it and kill it.
(c) She cares for them.
(d) She hates them and wants to see them dead.

7. What does Eleanor begin to sing?
(a) The carol Alais was singing at the beginning of the scene.
(b) A song she had learned as a child.
(c) Her favorite song.
(d) Another song.

8. When Alais asks whether she ever really loved Henry, particularly before Rosamund came into his life, how does Eleanor respond?
(a) That was a very long time ago and makes jokes about Rosamund's appearance.
(b) No, she never loved him.
(c) She ignores Alais' question.
(d) She cannot remember.

9. What does Henry ask Eleanor about the Aquitaine?
(a) Whether he can purchase it from her.
(b) When she would like to go there.
(c) Whether she has gotten it back from Richard.
(d) Where it is located.

10. What does Alais say Eleanor sees when she looks at Henry?
(a) A kind man.
(b) Cities and coastlines and taxes.
(c) The king.
(d) Her husband.

11. Richard enters, complaining about what?
(a) How they are all Henry's prisoners.
(b) How he would never want to be king.
(c) How he is in love with Alais.
(d) How he does not like himself.

12. What does Richard do when he bursts out from behind the canopy?
(a) He insists Philip's love was genuine.
(b) He insists it is all a lie.
(c) He tells his father he is sorry.
(d) He tells Philip he hates him.

13. To what does Richard challenge Henry?
(a) War.
(b) A game of chess.
(c) A jousting tournament.
(d) A duel.

14. What does Richard try to convince Philip to do?
(a) Make an alliance against Henry.
(b) Make an alliance against Eleanor.
(c) Sign a peace treaty.
(d) Make an alliance against his brothers.

15. Henry tells Alais that he realized what?
(a) He is tired of her.
(b) He does not love her.
(c) He loves Eleanor.
(d) He could not lose her.

Short Answer Questions

1. About what do Henry and Eleanor tease each other?

2. What implies that Philip is out for revenge?

3. What does Alais ask Henry as he goes to leave?

4. Henry declares everyone will be what, until they agree John is to be the next king?

5. What does Eleanor say to Alais?

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