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Anthony Harvey
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About what does John talk as he leaves?
(a) How he wishes he could be king.
(b) How Richard will make a poor king.
(c) How he is king again.
(d) How he is tired of waiting to learn if he will be king.

2. After negotiating use of land and horses, why does Richard say he never wrote?
(a) He did not think Philip would answer.
(b) He does not trust Philip.
(c) He cannot spell.
(d) He did not know what to say.

3. What does Alais tell Henry about what he had just done?
(a) He shocked her, because she never thought she had a chance of marrying into the family.
(b) He scared her, because she wants to marry John.
(c) He cannot play with other people's feelings the way he played with hers.
(d) He excited her, because she was hoping to marry Richard.

4. Alone in her bedchamber, what does Eleanor do?
(a) She thinks about her marriage.
(b) She cries.
(c) She tries on her jewels.
(d) She wishes she could be away from this kingdom.

5. What reminds John that he agreed to join with Philip in a war against Henry?
(a) Philip shows up and reminds him.
(b) Geoffrey pointedly comments that there is still Philip to consider.
(c) John hears Philip's army outside.
(d) John receives a note from Philip asking how many soldiers he needs.

6. Why does this make no difference to Eleanor?
(a) She does not like him either.
(b) She is already a prisoner.
(c) She wants him to love Alais.
(d) She does not want him to be king.

7. What does Geoffrey remember about his third birthday?
(a) All of his friends who had come to celebrate.
(b) How loving his parents had been when he was younger.
(c) Who was doing what to whom and feeling nothing but indifference from his parents.
(d) The pony his parents had bought for him.

8. When Alais asks whether she ever really loved Henry, particularly before Rosamund came into his life, how does Eleanor respond?
(a) She cannot remember.
(b) No, she never loved him.
(c) That was a very long time ago and makes jokes about Rosamund's appearance.
(d) She ignores Alais' question.

9. What does Eleanor say to Alais?
(a) Tthey can talk behind Henry's back, briefly recounting what happened in Philip's bedroom.
(b) She does not like Alais.
(c) She does not want to talk about Henry behind his back.
(d) They should not be seen together.

10. Where are Richard and his brothers locked up?
(a) The tower.
(b) The dungeon.
(c) The wine cellar.
(d) The stables.

11. Why does Alais say this about the brothers?
(a) She wants to marry one of them.
(b) She hates them and wants to see them dead.
(c) If she ever actually has a child they would come after it and kill it.
(d) She cares for them.

12. She looks at herself in her mirror and wonders what?
(a) How she had grown so old.
(b) Why she is so alone.
(c) How her king could have left her.
(d) Where the years had gone.

13. What causes Richard to pull a dagger on John?
(a) John mocks him.
(b) John threatens him.
(c) John waves a dagger in Richard's face.
(d) John is scared of knives.

14. Why is Eleanor glad to hear that Henry cares for Alais?
(a) She is glad he loves someone.
(b) She does not want him using her.
(c) She wants to be sure Alais is protected.
(d) She had been afraid that giving Alais away was not going to hurt.

15. After he exits, what does Eleanor comment to herself?
(a) That Henry will lose.
(b) That she has lost.
(c) That she has not lost.
(d) That Philip will lose.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Eleanor begin to sing?

2. Eleanor agrees, but adds a condition. What is that condition?

3. What does Henry convince Alais?

4. What implies that Philip is out for revenge?

5. Geoffrey enters, saying that Richard is in a _________.

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