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Anthony Harvey
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Eleanor say to Alais?
(a) They should not be seen together.
(b) She does not like Alais.
(c) She does not want to talk about Henry behind his back.
(d) Tthey can talk behind Henry's back, briefly recounting what happened in Philip's bedroom.

2. What implies that Philip is out for revenge?
(a) Henry has always been unkind to him.
(b) Henry abused him as a child.
(c) He has been stalking Henry for years.
(d) Henry abused and manipulated his father.

3. What does Henry do at dawn the next day?
(a) Leaves.
(b) Wakes Eleanor.
(c) Wakes Alais.
(d) Searches for his sons.

4. Of what does Richard remind Philip?
(a) He cannot stand him.
(b) He wants to break up with him.
(c) He loves him.
(d) He has not said he loves him.

5. Where does Act 1, Scene 6 take place?
(a) Alais' bedroom.
(b) Eleanor's bedroom.
(c) In Philip's bedroom.
(d) Henry's bedroom.

6. When Richard says he never writes anyone, what does Philip do?
(a) He changes the subject and asks what kind of deal they could make.
(b) He apologizes.
(c) He begins to sob.
(d) He agrees that he does not anyone.

7. About what do Henry and Eleanor tease each other?
(a) How scared they were and what happens next.
(b) How old they have become.
(c) How selfish their children are.
(d) How silly the whole situation is.

8. Henry pours Eleanor wine, asking her what?
(a) He should do about the kingdom.
(b) Why she has come.
(c) Whether it is true that she wants him back.
(d) Will she ever love him.

9. What does Henry convince Alais?
(a) They will enjoy Rome.
(b) He wants to marry her.
(c) There is nothing Eleanor or Richard can do to stop them.
(d) He no longer loves her.

10. How does Henry describe himself?
(a) As a master of the arts.
(b) As the king of kings.
(c) As a master bastard.
(d) As the king of queens.

11. What does Henry say that he will give Eleanor if she gives him the Aquitaine?
(a) Her bedchamber.
(b) His love.
(c) Money.
(d) Her freedom.

12. Why is Eleanor glad to hear that Henry cares for Alais?
(a) She wants to be sure Alais is protected.
(b) She is glad he loves someone.
(c) She does not want him using her.
(d) She had been afraid that giving Alais away was not going to hurt.

13. What does Henry say about Philip's plan to let the princes fight Henry instead of doing it himself?
(a) It is a horrible idea.
(b) It is a selfish thing to do.
(c) It is first-class thinking.
(d) It is so dangerous.

14. Why has Henry come?
(a) To get his land back.
(b) To find his sons.
(c) To begin a war.
(d) To offer peace.

15. Eleanor realizes she now has an advantage, and tells Geoffrey what?
(a) To take Philip to John.
(b) To keep John away from Philip.
(c) To take John to Philip.
(d) To keep John away from Henry.

Short Answer Questions

1. Henry tells Alais that he realized what?

2. What do Geoffrey and John do when Richard is heard offstage?

3. Does Henry believe Richard?

4. What does Henry confess to Alais?

5. What does Eleanor say to them?

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