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Anthony Harvey
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Eleanor reply when Richard asks again what she wants?
(a) She wants the throne all to herself.
(b) She wants nothing to do with him.
(c) She wants no one to inherit the throne.
(d) She can get him the throne and Alais, but that she has to have the Aquitaine back to do it.

2. What does Geoffrey say is lacking in his life?
(a) Entertainment.
(b) Attention or affection.
(c) Food.
(d) Power.

3. Richard says he is going to do everything in his power to have what?
(a) His brothers hanged.
(b) Alais.
(c) Both the crown and Alais.
(d) The crown.

4. When Richard responds with a pointed remark about Henry's being with Alais, of what does Eleanor remind him?
(a) Alais is nothing to him.
(b) She does not care what Henry does.
(c) She raised Alais and cares for her a great deal.
(d) Alais loves him.

5. What does Henry say history will call him?
(a) A master bastard.
(b) A great king.
(c) A queen's king.
(d) A king's king.

6. How does Henry respond when Eleanor asks whether he ever loved her?
(a) Maybe.
(b) Yes.
(c) No.
(d) At first.

7. What does Alais say she knows Henry will do, if he has to?
(a) Exile her.
(b) Marry her.
(c) Kill her.
(d) Leave her.

8. What does Henry think about his kingdom?
(a) How pleasant it is to live in a peaceful kingdom.
(b) How lonely it has been without her.
(c) How much it has changed since she has been gone.
(d) How much it needs her touch.

9. What does Henry tell Eleanor is the reason for the way he talks to Alais?
(a) To keep his enemy close.
(b) To prepare her for marrying one of the princes.
(c) To keep her spirits up.
(d) He loves her.

10. About what is Eleanor determined?
(a) Alais will be queen.
(b) Geoffrey will be king.
(c) Richard will be king.
(d) John will be king.

11. Where does this play place several historical characters, principally King Henry II of England and his queen, Eleanor of Aquitaine?
(a) Into the fictionalized context of a family gathering at Christmas.
(b) Into the period of their marriage after the birth of their children.
(c) Into the fictionalized context of a family gathering in modern times.
(d) Into the period of their lives prior to their marriage.

12. What does Alais tell Henry about what John thinks?
(a) John thinks Henry does not like Richard.
(b) John thinks that he has done something to upset Henry.
(c) John thinks Henry is losing his mind.
(d) John thinks Henry meant what he said about Richard.

13. To where does Henry invite Alais?
(a) To go to dinner with him.
(b) To meet his wife.
(c) To go down to meet the family with him.
(d) To go for a walk.

14. What look does Alais say she recognizes in Henry's eyes?
(a) He is annoyed by her.
(b) He is about to tell her he loves her.
(c) He is angry with her.
(d) He wants her to leave him alone.

15. Of what does Eleanor remind Richard?
(a) Of her plot to get him the crown.
(b) Of the arts she taught him.
(c) Of the love she feels for him.
(d) Of the evidence she has against him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Eleanor's response when Alais asks her what she said to convince him?

2. What does Henry ask Eleanor to give him?

3. What does Henry suggest that the family start doing?

4. What does Eleanor say she wants to see?

5. What has John come to announce?

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