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Anthony Harvey
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Scene 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After he exits, what does Eleanor comment to herself?
(a) That Philip will lose.
(b) That Henry will lose.
(c) That she has not lost.
(d) That she has lost.

2. What does Eleanor say to them?
(a) Go ahead and kill each other. I am tired of dealing with the lot of you.
(b) Stop already!
(c) Do not hurt each other. I do not want blood on my carpet.
(d) People with their differences and hatreds are the origins of war but they could also be the origins of peace.

3. What does Eleanor do when Richard pulls out a dagger and makes as if to kill John?
(a) She hands him another, sharper dagger.
(b) She stops him with a poetically written speech.
(c) She screams at him to stop.
(d) She tells him to do it already.

4. What do the three brothers do, while John hangs holly?
(a) They talk about how Eleanor arrived that morning, how she and Richard aren't as close as they once were, and how John is Henry's favorite but how Richard is determined to be king.
(b) They dance.
(c) They sing Christmas carols.
(d) They are silent.

5. Eleanor realizes she now has an advantage, and tells Geoffrey what?
(a) To take Philip to John.
(b) To keep John away from Henry.
(c) To keep John away from Philip.
(d) To take John to Philip.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what does Alais accuse Eleanor?

2. What does Eleanor say will happen if if Alais does not marry Richard?

3. Richard enters, complaining about what?

4. What does the conversation between Richard and Eleanor reveal?

5. About what is Eleanor determined?

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