The Lion in Winter Fun Activities

Anthony Harvey
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Your Kingdom

Research kingdoms in the Middle Ages, and create your own kingdom. Make sure to include the name of the king, his family, the economic status of the kingdom, as well as various other facts about your kingdom. Create a ten-minute presentation for the class.


Learn to play chess. Do you better understand the chess metaphor from the play, now that you understand a little more about chess?

Live Production

Watch a live production of THE LION IN WINTER. Write a short critique of this production.

Scene It

Working with a small group, choose a scene from this play, rehearse it, and perform it for your classmates.

Character Monologue

Use information from the play to create a two-minute monologue for your character. Perform your monologue for the class.

Character Research

Research the life of one of the characters in the play. Use the internet, books, and...

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