The Lion in Winter Character Descriptions

Anthony Harvey
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Alais Capet - This character is the mistress of King Henry II of England and the sister of King Philip II of France. She is a beautiful twenty-three-year-old woman who has been Henry's mistress since she was sixteen-years-old.

Philip Capet - This character arrives at the English court to negotiate with King Henry a sixteen-year-old treaty between France and England. At seventeen, he, who has been the King of France for three years, is described as handsome, impressive, and politically savvy.

Queen Eleanor - See Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Eleanor of Aquitaine - This character is the wife of Henry and the mother of Richard, Geoffrey, and John. They got married when he was eighteen and she was twenty-eight.

King Henry II - See Henry Plantagenet.

King Philip - See Philip Capet.

Geoffrey Plantagenet - This character is the middle son of King Henry, and holds the...

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