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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT one of the reasons the Witch gives for wanting to kill Edmund?
(a) She does not need his help anymore.
(b) There are four thrones at Cair Paravel, not 3.
(c) The other children are already at the stone table.
(d) He is slowing her down.

2. Who comes to see Aslan after Edmund is welcomed back by his siblings?
(a) The dwarf.
(b) The police chief.
(c) The White Witch.
(d) Mr. Tumnus.

3. What answer do the animals give to the Witch when she asks them a question after stopping her sledge?
(a) At Cair Paravel.
(b) Aslan's return.
(c) They are currently planning to meet them.
(d) Father Christmas.

4. What does the Witch disguise herself as while Edmund is being rescued?
(a) A hill.
(b) A block of ice.
(c) A tree stump.
(d) A rock.

5. Where is the battle against the Witch taking place?
(a) Cair Paravel.
(b) The Stone Table.
(c) The lamp post.
(d) Beruna.

6. What does the Witch see some animals eating when she stops her sledge after leaving her house?
(a) Tea and cake.
(b) Roast beef.
(c) Plum pudding.
(d) Fish and Chips.

7. What does Aslan say when the Witch leaves after speaking with him?
(a) They must move on.
(b) She has no power.
(c) His time is short.
(d) Edmund is still in danger.

8. Why does Edmund have a hard time getting to the Witch's house?
(a) He is not wearing good boots.
(b) He does not know the way.
(c) He went to the wrong place first.
(d) It is dark and cold.

9. What is the Witch using as her weapon in the battle?
(a) The sword that killed Aslan.
(b) Her wand.
(c) The claws of a lion.
(d) Aslan's stolen sword.

10. Who saves Edmund from the White Witch?
(a) Peter.
(b) The centaurs.
(c) Aslan.
(d) The dwarf.

11. Who do the Pevency children think is making the noise that wakes them up while they are sleeping in the hiding place?
(a) Aslan.
(b) The White Witch.
(c) Father Christmas.
(d) Edmund.

12. How is Aslan killed at the Stone Table?
(a) He is stabbed.
(b) He is shaved and dismembered.
(c) He is poisoned.
(d) He is burned.

13. Which one of the following is NOT traveling with the White Witch as she travels to meet Aslan?
(a) An elfish slave.
(b) The dwarf.
(c) A wolf.
(d) Edmund.

14. What gift does Father Christmas give to Mr. Beaver?
(a) A finished dam.
(b) A sword and shield.
(c) A horn that will call protection.
(d) A bow and arrow.

15. What title does Aslan tell Peter he will have?
(a) King.
(b) High King.
(c) Ruler.
(d) Prince.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Witch decide to do as she gets nearer to meeting Aslan?

2. Who kills the White Witch?

3. What time of day does Aslan come back to life?

4. What do the girls hear as they are looking at Cair Paravel?

5. What wakes up the Pevency children while they are sleeping in the hiding place?

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