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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens as the Pevency children get nearer to meeting Aslan?
(a) They start to forget England.
(b) They get stronger.
(c) They become more happy and confident.
(d) The winter turns to spring.

2. What kind of a creature is Aslan?
(a) Man.
(b) Centaur.
(c) Cougar.
(d) Lion.

3. Why is Edmund so miserable while riding in the sledge with the Witch?
(a) He is suffering from motion sickness.
(b) He has no coat.
(c) He does not know where he is.
(d) She is beating him.

4. What do the Pevency children wake up to the morning after they meet Aslan?
(a) Aslan summoning them.
(b) Horns announcing Edmund's arrival.
(c) The cries of the White Witch.
(d) Edmund talking to Aslan.

5. Where is Edmund taken after he is rescued from the White Witch?
(a) The Stone Table.
(b) The lamp post.
(c) Cair Paravel.
(d) The Black Ice Castle.

6. What is Peter most afraid of after Aslan speaks with the Witch?
(a) Battling the Witch alone.
(b) Seeing harm come to Aslan.
(c) Losing Edmund.
(d) Getting lost.

7. Which one of the following is NOT traveling with the White Witch as she travels to meet Aslan?
(a) Edmund.
(b) The dwarf.
(c) An elfish slave.
(d) A wolf.

8. What does the Witch see some animals eating when she stops her sledge after leaving her house?
(a) Plum pudding.
(b) Fish and Chips.
(c) Roast beef.
(d) Tea and cake.

9. Which of the following is NOT a creature the Pevency children see in the clearing where they meet Aslan?
(a) A centaur.
(b) A tree-woman.
(c) A human.
(d) A unicorn.

10. What do Lucy and Susan do first when they get to Aslan's dead body?
(a) Kiss his face.
(b) Cry into his mane.
(c) Bind his wounds.
(d) Remove his muzzle.

11. What gift does Father Christmas give to the beavers and the children to share just before he leaves?
(a) Oranges.
(b) Tea leaves.
(c) Holly boughs.
(d) Cookies.

12. How is Aslan killed at the Stone Table?
(a) He is burned.
(b) He is poisoned.
(c) He is stabbed.
(d) He is shaved and dismembered.

13. What causes the Witch's sledge to stop moving all together?
(a) Harsh winds.
(b) A broken sledge runner.
(c) Large rocks.
(d) Melting snow.

14. What is Edmund thinking about when he leaves the beaver's house?
(a) His hatred of Peter.
(b) Turkish Delight.
(c) His future crown.
(d) The White Queen.

15. Who announces Edmund's arrival at the Witch's house?
(a) A sparrow.
(b) A lion.
(c) A wolf.
(d) A dwarf.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is done to Aslan when he first approaches the Stone Table during the night?

2. Why does the Witch stop her sledge for the first time since leaving her house?

3. What does Aslan say when the Witch leaves after speaking with him?

4. What gift does Father Christmas give to Mrs. Beaver?

5. How do the Pevency children feel when they first see Aslan?

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