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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the faun do after Lucy calms him down when he is crying?
(a) Plays her a beautiful song.
(b) Tells her of a prophecy.
(c) Draws her a map.
(d) Takes her back home.

2. What do the Pevency children find at the back of the wardrobe while they are all hiding inside it?
(a) More coats.
(b) A sunny beach.
(c) A lamp post.
(d) Trees.

3. How do the children decide to keep warm while they are in Narnia together?
(a) They huddle up together.
(b) They quickly run to Mr. Tumnus' house.
(c) They wear coats from the wardrobe.
(d) They stay near the wardrobe entrance.

4. Where is the light in the wood coming from when Lucy gets to the end of the wardrobe?
(a) A street lamp.
(b) A campfire.
(c) The moon.
(d) A flashlight.

5. What does the animal in the forest do that shocks the Pevency siblings?
(a) Shakes their hands.
(b) Knows their names.
(c) Speaks.
(d) Cooks them dinner.

6. Where does Edmund meet Lucy while he is in Narnia for the first time?
(a) Just outside of the wardrobe entrance.
(b) At the lamp post.
(c) At Mr.Tumnus' house.
(d) Walking along the sledge trail.

7. What does the queen ask Edmund to do when he finishes eating in the sledge?
(a) Return home and never come back.
(b) Help her defeat Aslan.
(c) Bring his siblings to her.
(d) Be her sole advisor and heir.

8. Where do the Pevency children decide to go first while they are all in Narnia together for the first time?
(a) To the White Queen's house.
(b) The Beavers' house.
(c) To the lamp post.
(d) Mr. Tumnus' house.

9. Why is Susan told to trust Lucy regarding her story about Narnia?
(a) She is acting out of stress and worry.
(b) She is a good little girl with an imagination.
(c) She needs some support.
(d) She is an honest child.

10. Which of the following is NOT a title that Mr. Beaver gives Aslan?
(a) Lord of the wood.
(b) Ruler of Narnia.
(c) King.
(d) Lion hearted.

11. Who arrests Mr. Tumnus?
(a) The White Queen.
(b) Aslan.
(c) The police force of Narnia.
(d) The White Witch.

12. Who does Susan take with her when she talks to the Professor about Lucy?
(a) Edmund.
(b) Lucy.
(c) The housekeeper.
(d) Peter.

13. Who is the beaver afraid of being overheard by?
(a) Mr. Tumnus.
(b) Aslan.
(c) The queen's spies.
(d) The police.

14. How do Lucy's siblings react when she tells them she has been to Narnia?
(a) They are certain she was dreaming.
(b) They think she is making up stories.
(c) They think she is telling them about a book she read.
(d) They are worried about her health.

15. Why does the White Witch want to kill the Pevency children?
(a) Because she knows they will help Aslan.
(b) Because she hates all humans.
(c) Because of an old legend.
(d) Because they are the heirs to the throne.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the faun ask Lucy when he first meets her?

2. Who takes an immediate interest in the wardrobe?

3. Who is the first person in Narnia to speak to Edmund?

4. What does the queen do while Edmund is warming himself in her sledge?

5. What is the White Witch afraid the Pevency children will do to her?

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