Objects & Places from Linger

Maggie Stiefvater
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This is the name of Cole's band.

Mercy Falls, Minnesota

Grace and Sam live here.

The Crooked Bookshelf

This is the place where Sam works.

St. Paul

This is where Mr. and Mrs. Brisbane are headed the day Grace goes with Sam to cut his demo.


This is the coffee shop where Isabel and Cole go for coffee.

Anarchy Recording

This is the name of the studio where Sam cuts a demo record.

Still Waking Up

This is the name Grace says Sam should give his first album.

Beck's house

Sam is staying here when he's not at Grace's house and this is where the werewolves go when they are in their human forms.

New York

Cole is from this city.

Boundary Wood

This is where the wolves spend most of their time and where Victor is killed.

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