Daily Lessons for Teaching Linger

Maggie Stiefvater
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 through 10)


Chapters 1 through 10

This book is classified as being in the fantasy genre. This is seen by the different species and races of people, the different creatures, and the magical powers that are presented. The objective of this lesson will be to discuss what the fantasy genre entails, how this book fits into this genre, and why this genre might have been chosen for this story.


1) Introduction of Genre: Write on the board in large letters the word, 'Fantasy.' When class begins, have the students write a personal response to this word. What do you think about when you see and ponder on this word? How does this make you feel? What kind of images come to mind? Call on some students to read their responses. Discuss some of the different ideas that are presented and about how this exercise relates to the assigned reading...

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