Linger Character Descriptions

Maggie Stiefvater
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Grace Brisbane

This character was bitten by wolves as a child but, for some reason, never turned into a wolf.

Sam Roth

This character is spending his first winter as a human since being infected as a werewolf when he was very young.

Mr. Brisbane

This character gets angry when he realizes his daughter is very ill.

Amy Brisbane

This character is an artist and seems to resent that her daughter is such a practical young woman.

Isabel Culpepper

This character is somewhat snotty and spoiled but is also a strong person.

Cole St. Clair

This character is the lead singer of the band, NARKOTIKA.


This character acts as a go-between for her best friend and her best friend's boyfriend.

Geoffry Beck

This character is a werewolf and the leader of the pack when they are in their human forms.


This character begins shifting back to...

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