Line of Fire Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

W. E. B. Griffin
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Chapter 1

• In Melbourne, the freighter John T. Rogers Jr. docks.

• The crates that are unloaded contain twenty thousand cavalry sabers. An Australian firm is hired to convert the sabers into machetes.

• One hundred of the machetes are requisitioned by First Lieutenant Joseph L. Howard for use in a parachute drop on Baku Island.

• Sub Lieutenant Jakob Reeves is at Buka, reporting on the Japanese. He is a Coastwatcher and his radio goes off before the invasion. Sergeant Steven M. Koffler and Howard are parachuted in with a replacement radio.

• Howard and Reeves build a tree house for an observation post.

• Captain Charley Galloway is aboard a R4D heading for Guadalcanal, where they land at Henderson Field.

• Galloway talks to the crew and stops to visit with the injured First Lieutenant David Schneider.

• As he is talking, a siren sounds indicating an attack and many of the planes...

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