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Short Answer Questions

1. What action did Congress take on slavery at the end of 1864?

2. Who was Philip Sheridan?

3. What were the border states afraid of?

4. What effect did Lincoln's response to Greeley have?

5. What did the Emancipation Proclamation do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What risk did Lincoln run by suspending habeas corpus?

2. What was the state of the Union after Lincoln was re-elected?

3. How was the Civil War progressing for the Union troops in 1864?

4. What problems did Lincoln have with General McClellan?

5. How did the Civil War create international difficulties for Lincoln?

6. How does Donald account for Grant's success in the West, such that Lincoln wanted to appoint him to run the Union army?

7. Describe Lincoln's approach to the question of slavery relative to his conduct of the war.

8. Describe Lincoln's relationship with his wife during the hard times of the war.

9. What difficulties did Salmon Chase create for Lincoln?

10. How did Lincoln handle the decision of when to liberate the slaves?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Lincoln was not sitting in the legislature, he was active in the Republican Party, shaping the platform. How can you reconcile Lincoln's work out of the spotlight, working behind the scenes inside the party, with his public advocacy of Republican Party platform positions?

Essay Topic 2

Even before Lincoln arrived in Washington DC, he was threatened with assassination in Baltimore. What role did the threat of assassination play in Lincoln's presidency? How did Lincoln change or refuse to change his policies or activities because of the threats?

Essay Topic 3

Was Lincoln naïve to think that the Southern states could be brought back into the Union after seceding? Did he underestimate the passions associated with slavery, and the benefits associated with the Union? Was he misled by advisers?

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