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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Horace Greeley do during the international crisis facing Lincoln?
(a) Wrote articles critical of Lincoln.
(b) Organized a conference on trade.
(c) Advocated for international mediation.
(d) Ran Northern blockades.

2. What condition did Lincoln propose to impose on states that wanted to rejoin the union?
(a) Governors had to be appointed by Lincoln himself.
(b) States had to free their slaves and demonstrate integration of black and white cultures.
(c) States had to renounce their secession and repay the North for their war costs.
(d) State governments had to be run by men who had taken an oath of loyalty to the country.

3. What was Lincoln's campaign motto for his re-election campaign?
(a) Let the Union be Reunited.
(b) Better not to Switch Horses.
(c) Bringing it Back Together.
(d) No Union with Slavery.

4. Whom did the Democrats get to run against Lincoln?
(a) Salmon Chase.
(b) McClellan.
(c) Ulysses Grant.
(d) Horace Greeley.

5. What happened to complicate U.S. relations with Britain?
(a) British aid was intercepted by the South.
(b) Two Confederate officers were seized from a British ship.
(c) Some northerners wanted to help the South through the British.
(d) British merchants wanted to help the Confederacy.

6. Who helped Lincoln gain Britain's support for the Civil War?
(a) Stephen Douglas.
(b) Preston Brooks.
(c) Charles Sumner.
(d) Laurence Keitt.

7. How did Congress handle the crisis with the British?
(a) They gave Lincoln explicit war powers.
(b) They revoked Lincoln's war powers.
(c) They opened an investigation into Lincoln and McClellan.
(d) They arrested Simon Cameron.

8. When did Lincoln deliver the Gettysburg Address?
(a) Winter 1862.
(b) Spring 1864.
(c) Spring 1863.
(d) Fall 1863.

9. What message did Horace Greeley convey to Lincoln?
(a) That English merchants wanted to talk about resuming trade with the South.
(b) That a group of Confederate representatives wanted to discuss peace
(c) That New York entrepreneurs wanted to talk about financing reconstruction efforts.
(d) That French shipping agents wanted to talk about resuming trade with the South.

10. What was the new name of the Republican Party?
(a) The American Party.
(b) The Reunited Party.
(c) The Unity Party.
(d) The Union Party.

11. What was the public sentiment about the Civil War at the beginning?
(a) They thought that it would be a protracted and bloody war.
(b) They thought the South would break away quickly.
(c) People thought the South would be beaten quickly.
(d) They thought that France or Spain would take advantage of the war to assert territorial claims in the Americas.

12. What does Donald say the Gettysburg Address indicates about Lincoln?
(a) A new insecurity about the validity of the war.
(b) A return to his origins.
(c) A refusal to adapt to new conditions.
(d) A shift in his thinking.

13. Who replaced General Burnside?
(a) General Brown.
(b) General Hooker.
(c) General Halleck.
(d) General Grant.

14. What was one consequence of Lincoln's letter to Greeley?
(a) Some Republicans wanted to impeach him.
(b) Some in the Union party wanted to rescind his nomination.
(c) Some Republicans wanted to rescind his nomination.
(d) Some Democrats wanted to impeach him.

15. What happened to increase Lincoln's chances of reelection?
(a) The Democratic candidate was embroiled in a scandal.
(b) The Democratic nominee withdrew.
(c) The Democratic candidates annihilated each other.
(d) The Democrats were splintered.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was McClellan's feeling about the President and Congress?

2. What did Lincoln suspect about Greeley's proposal?

3. What were the border states afraid of?

4. What did Hooker fail to do at Chancellorsville, in Lincoln's estimation?

5. What turned public opinion in favor of Lincoln?

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