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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Lincoln come to settle in New Salem, Illinois?
(a) He lived there while he went to school.
(b) By accident.
(c) He married there.
(d) He was nominated for mayor there.

2. How were U.S. Senators elected in the 1850s?
(a) By U.S. Representatives.
(b) By the populace.
(c) By the Electoral College.
(d) By state senators.

3. When was Lincoln born?
(a) 1822.
(b) 1798.
(c) 1811.
(d) 1809.

4. What was Lincoln's reaction to becoming engaged?
(a) Exhilaration.
(b) Resplendent pride.
(c) Jubilation.
(d) Deep depression.

5. What was the status of the family of Lincoln's father?
(a) Poor.
(b) Prosperous.
(c) Destitute.
(d) Rich.

6. Whom did Lincoln support in the 1852 Presidential campaign?
(a) Millard Fillmore.
(b) Winfield Scott.
(c) William King.
(d) Zachary Taylor.

7. What did Lincoln mean by the phrase "cold, calculating, unimpassioned reason"?
(a) How money should be allocated to different causes.
(b) How men should enter marriage.
(c) How the benefits of taking land from Indians should be weighed.
(d) How leaders should make decisions.

8. What was Lincoln's feeling about the image his advisers associated him with?
(a) He let it pass in silence, neither embracing it nor refusing it.
(b) He loved it having enjoyed splitting rails.
(c) He accepted it but had disliked manual labor.
(d) He forced them to choose another image.

9. Whom did Lincoln follow around through his home county?
(a) The district judge.
(b) Other lawyers.
(c) His business partner.
(d) Newspapermen.

10. In what war had the 1848 Whig party candidate served?
(a) The Mexican War.
(b) The Revolutionary War.
(c) The War of 1812.
(d) The Indian Wars.

11. Describe Lincoln's relationship with his ancestry.
(a) He was closely attentive to his parentage.
(b) His siblings were intent on knowing their relatives, but he was not.
(c) His mother kept in touch with her relatives, but his father did not with his.
(d) He was not interested in it.

12. When was Lincoln elected to Congress?
(a) 1842.
(b) 1846.
(c) 1847.
(d) 1852.

13. When was Lincoln married?
(a) 1811.
(b) 1847.
(c) 1842.
(d) 1830.

14. What was the Republican Party founded on?
(a) Opposition to popular sovereignty.
(b) Opposition to Women's Suffrage.
(c) Opposition to the Gold Standard.
(d) Opposition to slavery.

15. What was Lincoln's policy between the election in 1860 and his inauguration in 1861?
(a) To browbeat the Southern states.
(b) Not to make speeches.
(c) To anticipate the Civil War.
(d) To announce his policies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What industry did Lincoln begin to represent in court after he returned to Illinois?

2. What was Lincoln's feeling about slavery?

3. What did Lincoln do in order to escape the hard work his father had done?

4. Who was Mary Owens?

5. What did Lincoln work on after the 1852 election?

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