Lincoln Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How much is known about Lincoln's ancestry?

Not much is known about Lincoln's ancestry, except that Lincoln's mother was likely illegitimate, which translated in the family lineage into an independent streak. Lincoln's paternal grandfather was fairly prosperous, but when Lincoln's uncle inherited everything, his father was left to fend for himself.

2. What was Lincoln's early relationship with his father like?

Lincoln was not schooled, and he was expected to contribute to the family work, so he was kept home. As a teenager, Lincoln had conflict with his father, and eventually went out to work for himself, but still had to contribute his wages to his father's household.

3. What was Lincoln's relationship with his stepmother like?

When Lincoln's father remarried after the family moved to Indiana and the mother died, the stepmother was kind and supportive, and the two families, theirs and hers, blended harmoniously.

4. Describe the Lincolns' moves.

The Lincolns were in Virginia in 1809, when Abraham Lincoln was born. Then they moved to Kentucky and then Indiana looking for better opportunities. They moved to Illinois in 1830 when Lincoln was 21.

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