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Make a timeline of the major events and periods in Lincoln's life. Make a note of transition points, and mark the beginning and end of different phases in Lincoln's political thought.

Mapping Lincoln's Life

Map out Lincoln's movement around the U.S., from the time he moved west with his family to his move to the White House. Where were the most influential places for him? Where did he return to?

1800s Costumes

Bring in clippings of dress and fashion from the 1830s to the 1860s. Include examples of working people's as well as wealthy people's and politicians' clothing.

Selling Donald's "Lincoln"

Make a publicity plan for Donald's "Lincoln". What avenues would you use to sell as many copies as possible of the book? What technologies would you use?

Lincoln: The Musical

Write songs and choreograph dances for the musical version of Lincoln's biography.

Casting Lincoln


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