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Chapters 1-2

• Lincoln grew up in a number of states as his parents moved around, and he had very little education, due to having to stay home and work for his father.
• On his second attempt, Lincoln entered politics after a brief stint in the militia.
• Pushing a program of expansions and infrastructure projects, Lincoln began to focus on his own career as a politician.

Chapters 3-4

• In addition to being a legislator, Lincoln became a lawyer in a practice with John Stuart Todd, and then with Stephen Logan.
• On his third engagement, Lincoln finally married, and had a child around the time that he won election to Congress.
• Leaving his law firm in the hands of partner, William Herndon, Lincoln left for Washington DC as a congressman from Illinois.

Chapters 5-6

• In Washington, DC, Lincoln worked for Taylor's Presidential campaign, but was passed over for the post...

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