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The Albany Plan

Advocated by Thurlow Weed, proprietor of a newspaper, the secret plan calls for excluding people like Salmon P. Chase from the Cabinet and turning Lincoln into a figurehead for Charles Seward. Lincoln hears about it and refuses to be bullied.

The Executive Mansion

Known unofficially as the President's House or the White House, this building is in poor physical condition and badly guarded when Abraham Lincoln first visits as President-elect.

Ford's Theater

After Gen. Robert E. Lee's surrender, Booth sneaks up the stairs in this building and fires one bullet into Lincoln's head, fights off a defender, and leaps to the stage, breaking his ankle but escaping.

Fort Sumter

The first shots of the American Civil War are fired at this location ending in surrender and the men are sent North.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Abraham Lincoln travels here to dedicate the battlefield cemetery and also delivers...

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