Lincoln Character Descriptions

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Abraham Lincoln

The novel's protagonist, he is introduced as tall, thin and awkward, with a prominent nose, high cheekbones, and tight yellow skin.

Mary Todd Lincoln

Nicknamed Madam or Hellcat depending on her mood, she talks to herself aloud, can be charming and calls her husband Father.

Salmon P. Chase

A powerful and anti-slavery Ohio Republican, he leaves the governorship to become a senator.

William H. Seward

A Senator from New York and former Governor, he is short, white-haired, long-nosed, pale-eyed, mysterious, and addicted to cigars and snuff.

Edward Bates

He is an Attorney General who comes from the border state of Missouri.

The Blairs

Known and addressed as the Old Gentleman, he is a rich and famous man who was close to President Andrew Jackson. His ambitious sons are determined to have as much influence on Abraham Lincoln.

John Wilkes Booth

A popular stage actor, he enters...

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