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Part 1, Chapters 1-7

• Ten days before his presidential inauguration, on February 23, 1861, Abraham Lincoln is forced to sneak into Washington, D.C. on a train from Illinois because of conspiracy threats against his life.

• Lincoln meets William H. Seward who agrees to be Secretary of State.

• Mary Surratt, a staunch opponent of abolitionism and her daughter, Annie, entertain a ruffian named David Herold who shares their views.

• Herold begins a job at a pharmacy near the White House in order to spy.
• Outgoing president, Buchanan, gives Lincoln a tour of the White House and indicates he is more than happy to leave the office.

• Lincoln meets with General Winfield Scott in the War Department to assess the military situation.

• Lincoln returns to train station where Mrs. Lincoln arrives in Washington along with her children, Robert, Tad and Willie, as well as Mr. Lincoln's secretaries, John Hay and John Nicolay...

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