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George Saunders
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose account is detailed in The Villain Lincoln by R. B. Arnolds?
(a) Stephen Sears'.
(b) Theodore Blasgen's.
(c) Robert G. Twistings'.
(d) Darrel Cumberland's.

2. Who is attributed as the author of The Rudderless Ship: When Presidents Flounder?
(a) Stephen Sears.
(b) E. G. Frame.
(c) Rose Milland.
(d) Maureen H. Hedges.

3. Who details the life of Litzy Wright in Chapter 66?
(a) Lieutenant Cecil Stone.
(b) Thomas Havens.
(c) Mrs. Francis Hodge.
(d) Tobian Clearly.

4. What does Mr. Bevins describe the experience of stepping into Lincoln as being like in Chapter 45?
(a) Walking into traffic.
(b) Stepping into a summer barn at night.
(c) Stepping into fresh snowfall.
(d) Riding on a horse at dusk.

5. Who is attributed with writing A Belle Remade: The Journey of Mary Lincoln in Chapter 58?
(a) Marshall Turnbull.
(b) Daniel Mark Epstein.
(c) Kevin Swarney.
(d) Margaret Garrett.

6. When did Millard Fillmore serve as President of the United States?
(a) 1901-1905.
(b) 1841-1845.
(c) 1823-1826.
(d) 1850-1853.

7. Who was Thomas Havens's master?
(a) Robert G. Twistings.
(b) Tobian Clearly.
(c) Mr. Conner.
(d) Lieutenant Cecil Stone.

8. What word from Chapter 42 means to cease to resist an opponent?
(a) Eradicate.
(b) Emulate.
(c) Articulate.
(d) Capitulate.

9. Who is the fictional author that is attributed with writing The Spiritual Lincoln: An Essential Journey?
(a) Marshall Turnbull.
(b) Margaret Garrett.
(c) C. R. DePage.
(d) Daniel Mark Epstein.

10. What character evolves into a being with multiple eyes, ears, noses, hands, etc. in Chapter 41?
(a) Elson Farwell.
(b) Jo Brunt.
(c) Margaret Garrett.
(d) Mr. Bevins.

11. Who was President Polk succeeded by?
(a) President Lincoln.
(b) President Polk.
(c) President Tyler
(d) President Taylor.

12. Who describes being molested by Mr. Johns Melburn in Chapter 65?
(a) Lieutenant Cecil Stone.
(b) Elise Traynor.
(c) Vesper Johannes.
(d) Tobian Clearly.

13. Where does the Reverend Thomas say his family ate for his funeral meal in Chapter 61?
(a) Prevey's.
(b) The Blue Deacon.
(c) Anna's.
(d) The Carlton.

14. What does the narrator call the statue of the bald man in Roman garb that he describes in Chapter 59?
(a) Zeus.
(b) Morty.
(c) Perseus.
(d) Paul.

15. When was John Tyler in office as President of the United States?
(a) 1901-1905.
(b) 1862-1865.
(c) 1823-1826.
(d) 1841-1845.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does the Reverend Thomas say he died in Chapter 61?

2. Whose account is written in The War Years by Carl Sandburg?

3. Who attempts to drive the black former slaves across the fence in Chapter 66?

4. Whose account is described in They Knew Him, edited by Leonora Morehouse?

5. Who is the editor of The Civil War Papers of George B. McClellan?

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