Lincoln in the Bardo: A Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

George Saunders
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1. How does Hans Vollman describe his death in Chapter 1?

Vollman was a 46-year-old printer who had recently wed a much-younger wife. On the day they decided to consummate their marriage, Vollman was hit by a ceiling beam and killed.

2. What is the significance of the state dinner held by the Lincolns in the novel?

The state dinner is examined through the lens of several excerpts in the novel. These discuss the frivolousness of having a state dinner during the war and during Willie's illness.

3. What are some examples of cited excerpts included in Chapters 3 and 4? What information do they relate?

There are excerpts from Mrs. Garrett's All This Did I See: Memories of a Terrible Time, David Von Drehle's Rise to Greatness, and Jo Brunt's The Union Citadel: Memories and Impressions. These excerpts describe the Lincolns' state dinner.

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