Objects & Places from Lincoln in the Bardo: A Novel

George Saunders
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The Bardo

This central setting in the novel represents an intermediate space between the dead and those entering the afterlife.

The Sick-Box

This term is referenced by the occupants of the bardo in describing what is, in reality, a coffin.

The Matterlightblooming Phenomenon

This circumstance occurs to several characters in the novel and represents acceptance of one's death and the ability to move on.

The Envoys

These unnamed beings in the novel represent the urgent necessity for the acceptance of loss. They appear to lure the residents of the bardo toward reincarnation.

The Pit

This setting, from which Eddie and Betsy Baron were buried, represents social and economic depression.

The Carapace

Malevolent spirits in the bardo attempt to trap Willie with this encasement, which represents the dangers of prolonged grief.

Metaphysical Merging

This ability is experienced by several characters in the bardo and allows them to gain the...

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