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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Progonoi and autochthones are parts of the speech that refer to the soldiers' ____________.
(a) Ancestors
(b) Courage and Fortitude
(c) Belongings
(d) Weapons

2. Regarding speech and poetry, what term is often referred to as the beat?
(a) Rhythm
(b) Cadence
(c) Melody
(d) Phrasing

3. How many people lived in Gettysburg at that time?
(a) 2500
(b) 4000
(c) 3200
(d) 1200

4. To learn to write well, Lincoln studied Hugh Blair's work on what topic?
(a) Rhetoric
(b) Great political speeches
(c) Non-fiction writing
(d) Lyrical verse

5. Everett taught what famous writer?
(a) Henry David Thoreau
(b) Mark Twain
(c) Robert Frost
(d) Ralph Waldo Emerson

Short Answer Questions

1. What made it easier for Lincoln to speak about different topics in different areas?

2. In what city did Lincoln grow up?

3. What type of community was Gettysburg?

4. What country's culture had recently come back into style?

5. What was a favorite place for these followers to gather?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the running joke between Lincoln and Stephen Douglas?

2. In addition to writing and oratory, what other art form was being revived at the time?

3. What was the basis of forming American ideals in the Constitution?

4. What were the repercussions of the mistakes made by both generals?

5. Both the North and South confessed to making mistakes in their battle plans. What were the mistakes?

6. Why was Everett a desirable speaker at war memorials and cemeteries?

7. Why did Mrs. Lincoln engage in contact with the spirit world? How was this done?

8. What political positions did Henry Clay hold?

9. Why was the Battle of Gettysburg such an important event?

10. What was the game often played by John Hay and Lincoln after seeing a play?

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