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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Everett believes that allowing the South to win would subject blacks to a terror such as the one devised by ____________.
(a) Robespierre
(b) Rasputin
(c) Apollo
(d) Atilla the Hun

2. Who is responsible for the formation of the government?
(a) People
(b) Generals
(c) Congress
(d) President

3. Which of the following does not describe the Gettysburg Address?
(a) Specific
(b) Universal
(c) Concise
(d) Timeless

4. Lincoln offered pardons for which sector of the public?
(a) Traitors
(b) Freed Slaves
(c) Slave owners
(d) Convicted soldiers

5. The first part is titled, "The Athenian ______."
(a) Example
(b) Way
(c) Warrior
(d) Standard

6. How many times did Lincoln copy the Gettysburg Address by long hand?
(a) 4
(b) 2
(c) 6
(d) 5

7. When was the Hay text discovered?
(a) 1906
(b) 1923
(c) 1894
(d) 1878

8. What two words mark the difference between the Wills text and the Springfield text?
(a) Downtrodden soldiers
(b) I surrender
(c) Under God
(d) Poor people

9. How many parts are included in Everett's speech?
(a) 11
(b) 7
(c) 9
(d) 8

10. What is the name of the final part?
(a) Vengeance
(b) Reconciliation
(c) Solemnity
(d) Calamity

11. What city is connected to Pericles?
(a) Sparta
(b) Troy
(c) Corinth
(d) Athens

12. Which copy of the speech is most likely the authentic one?
(a) Newspaper's
(b) Wills'
(c) Springfield's
(d) Nicolay's

13. According to Pericles, the soldiers died __________.
(a) Slowly
(b) Graciously
(c) Valiantly
(d) Violently

14. During what war did Pericles make his speech?
(a) War of the Roses
(b) War of Troy
(c) Peloponnesian War
(d) Revolutionary War

15. In what year was the signed lithograph sold?
(a) 1863
(b) 1864
(c) 1868
(d) 1872

Short Answer Questions

1. Which was not a word used by Lincoln to describe the American Revolution?

2. Which of these does not apply to Gorgias?

3. How many generals were killed at Gettysburg?

4. Lincoln left out many topics in the speech which could have been addressed. Which is included?

5. What does antithetical refer to?

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