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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The author claims that Lincoln's abolitionist policies may be hard to understand if one believes the concept to be ______________.
(a) Unfounded
(b) Mystical
(c) Frivolous
(d) Ill planned

2. Which of the following was not mentioned as one of Parker's political concerns?
(a) Political conspiracy
(b) Separation of church and state
(c) Slave colonies
(d) The Kansas-Nebraska Act

3. How many words are contained in the last sentence of the Gettysburg Address?
(a) 83
(b) 71
(c) 104
(d) 47

4. This school of thought relied on what?
(a) Senses
(b) Family
(c) Money
(d) Politics

5. What word was never used by Lincoln in referring to those who committed illegal acts?
(a) Criminal
(b) Belligerent
(c) Traitor
(d) Outlaw

6. Which of these was not the basis for forming the American ideal?
(a) The government should protect those rights
(b) All men are created equal
(c) No man should be owned by another
(d) Every man has rights

7. What is another name for human progress?
(a) Mesmerism
(b) Evolution
(c) Achievement
(d) Forward thinking

8. In what month was the Gettysburg Address held?
(a) November
(b) December
(c) October
(d) September

9. The translation of "Arete" is:
(a) Sorrow
(b) Victory
(c) Valor
(d) Stop

10. What was the name of the Southern army?
(a) Texan
(b) Unity
(c) Confederate
(d) Solidarity

11. How many words are contained in Lincoln's Gettysburg Address?
(a) 272
(b) 349
(c) 501
(d) 463

12. Who was the man put in charge of cemetery operation?
(a) Winslow
(b) McDonald
(c) Potter
(d) Wills

13. To whom did Webster present his arguments?
(a) Congress
(b) The New York Times
(c) American Medical Association
(d) Supreme Court

14. To learn to write well, Lincoln studied Hugh Blair's work on what topic?
(a) Non-fiction writing
(b) Rhetoric
(c) Great political speeches
(d) Lyrical verse

15. What does the author refer to in context with the word "liminal"?
(a) Rainfall
(b) Where opposites meet
(c) Deja vu
(d) Dreaming

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the proper name for a student of words?

2. Which of these is not associated with the Culture of Death?

3. What type of community was Gettysburg?

4. In what city did Lincoln grow up?

5. According to Lincoln, if the Founding Fathers had failed, people would have referred to them as ______________.

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