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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Dichaan decide to ask the ship for a shuttle?
(a) To make Akin go to the ship.
(b) So Lilith can return for her last pregnancy.
(c) So Tino can go to the ship.
(d) So Dichaan can return to the ship.

2. How does the thought of bonding with Tiikuchahk feel to Akin?
(a) He is indifferent.
(b) It excites him.
(c) It disgusts him.
(d) It confuses him.

3. Why does Gabriel hit Akin?
(a) Because he looks Oankali now.
(b) He found him mating with Tate.
(c) He thought he was someone else.
(d) He thinks Akin is hurting Tate.

4. What does Dichaan believe about humanity?
(a) Humans and Oankali should never live together.
(b) The humans are superior to the Oankali.
(c) The Oankali have given them a second chance.
(d) The Oankali are far superior to the humans.

5. What does one of the woman in Phoenix want to do with the two female constructs?
(a) Cut off their sensory arms.
(b) Adopt them.
(c) Kill them.
(d) Send them back to the Oankali.

Short Answer Questions

1. About what does Akin talk to Tate?

2. What do the men who have Akin discuss when they stop for a rest?

3. What is wrong with the male and female Jodahs finds in the forest?

4. Why does Tate say she will leave Earth?

5. What does Akin think he should do for the humans?

Short Essay Questions

1. Akin realizes he needs to learn more and that he is Oankali enough to be heard when he explains about the resisters being mistreated.

2. Why does Nikanj say Jodahs and Aaor have to return to the ship and how does Jodahs respond to that assertion by Nikanj?

3. What does Akin see at the house when he wakes up in Chapter Eight, who helps him and what do the group from Phoenix do?

4. How is Tino found and what do the Oankali wonder about concerning Akin?

5. Where does Akin go and what does he find when he returns to earth? What does he tell his friends there?

6. What does Jodahs say about his metamorphosis, how old is he and what does he believe he will be following his metamorphosis?

7. What do the people who come to talk with Akin want to know? What do they have to say about his news?

8. What does Akin argue about concerning humans when aboard a ship with Dichaan and what is Dichaan's response?

9. What happens to Akin as he is going through change, how long will it take and what is happening in the village?

10. How does Akin feel about Dichaan's plan for him?

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