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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Galt not said to the other captors about Akin?
(a) He has not said that Akin is older than he looks.
(b) He has not told them of Akin's gray tongue.
(c) He has not told them Akin can heal them.
(d) He has not told them Akin can talk.

2. What do the men who have Akin discuss when they stop for a rest?
(a) What to do with him.
(b) Whether they should ask for ransom.
(c) If they can bribe the Oankali for human fertility with him.
(d) The price Akin might bring.

3. What does Nikanj say about Jodahs change?
(a) He will be ooloi.
(b) He will be female.
(c) He will be male.
(d) He won't change due to the human DNA.

4. What does Nikanj tell Jodahs will be one of Jodahs' abilities?
(a) He will be able to mate without an ooloi.
(b) He can control a space ship with his mind.
(c) He will always know if someone is telling the truth.
(d) He can change his body to be what his mate wants.

5. What does Iriarte tell Akin to do in Phoenix?
(a) To keep his mouth shut.
(b) To run into the woods.
(c) To speak so the people know he can.
(d) To act like a human baby.

Short Answer Questions

1. About what does Akin talk to Tate?

2. What relationship do Tomas and Jesusa share?

3. Why does the group from Phoenix go to Akin's town?

4. What do the people in Phoenix talk to Akin about when he is changing?

5. Why do Akin and his captors leave the second village in the middle of the night?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Tino arguing about Akin with the Oankali and what does Dichaan decide to do about it?

2. Who do Nikanj, Jodahs and the others meet as they leave to hide from the Oankali?

3. What does Aaor say about Jodahs after he links with him and what does Nikanj say about Jodahs?

4. What does Akin argue about concerning humans when aboard a ship with Dichaan and what is Dichaan's response?

5. What happens to Akin as he is going through change, how long will it take and what is happening in the village?

6. How is Tino found and what do the Oankali wonder about concerning Akin?

7. What do the people who come to talk with Akin want to know? What do they have to say about his news?

8. What does Akin think about Dehkiaht being with him?

9. How does Akin feel about Dichaan's plan for him?

10. What do Tomas and Jesusa do when Jodahs begins his second metamorphosis and what do they not know about it?

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