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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About what is Akin warned by members of his family?
(a) About having a human mother.
(b) About humans.
(c) About playing in the sun.
(d) About talking too much.

2. What do other Oankali tell Lilith is her role for the humans going to earth?
(a) She is to be the Oankali teacher.
(b) She is to be the parent.
(c) She is to be the mate.
(d) She is to be the priestess.

3. Why did the resister leave his village?
(a) To see what else was in the world.
(b) He had committed a crime.
(c) There weren't enough women.
(d) They were too violent for him.

4. What is wrong with Joseph when Lilith finds him?
(a) He has two broken legs.
(b) His head is almost cut off.
(c) He is blind.
(d) He is burned from the campfire.

5. How are the humans unwilling to lay down their weapons subdued by the Oankali?
(a) They are drugged.
(b) They are hit with an electrical current.
(c) They are shot with trank guns.
(d) The ground grips them so they can't move.

Short Answer Questions

1. What about Lilith's body allowed Nikanj to heal?

2. What does Lilith asks Nikanj to do to her in Chapter 9?

3. Why does Joseph come to Lilith's room?

4. What is the name of Tino's village?

5. Why did Curt believe Joseph was not human?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the Training Floor where are the humans put, why and what are they talking about?

2. What does Jdahya tell Lilith the Oankali have discovered about the human species?

3. Why does Nikanj take Lilith back home in Chapter 3 and what does Nikanj refuse to do when it takes her back?

4. In Chapter 2, Dawn, where does Kahguyaht take Lilith and what does he do with Lilith after that?

5. What does Nikanj say about Lilith's worries?

6. What does Lilith find out about her memory when she allows Nikanj to work on her?

7. In Chapter 4, where do Lilith and Joseph go and why are the others following them?

8. What happens to Tino and Akin when they are out alone?

9. Why does Lilith have to stay with an ooloi and what does Nikanj ask Lilith to let it do?

10. About what is Akin warned and why does his family watch him closely?

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