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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Peter die?
(a) He is killed by Joseph.
(b) He has taken ill.
(c) He fell from one deck of the ship to the one below it.
(d) He is hit by a Oankali stinger.

2. Where does Lilith learn she is?
(a) On a space ship.
(b) Far underground near the continent of Australia.
(c) She does not yet know.
(d) Far underground near the continent of Antarctica.

3. What does Jdahya explain about the space ship?
(a) It grows as more space is needed.
(b) It is in charge of all the Earth captives.
(c) It is alive.
(d) It is able to burrow under the ground for protection against the nuclear wastes.

4. Why does Joseph come to Lilith's room?
(a) He wants to marry a human woman.
(b) He has become her lover.
(c) He has questions about the earth.
(d) He wants to help lead the group.

5. In Chapter 10 Lilith is changed so she can do what?
(a) Heal instantly.
(b) Open doors on the Oankali ship.
(c) Repell attackers with her mind.
(d) Levitate objects.

Short Answer Questions

1. What human does Lilith wake first?

2. What does Lilith find when she returns from gathering supplies in Chapter 8?

3. What does Nikanj say the other humans are saying about Joseph and Lilith?

4. Where does Nikanj have to go in Chapter 11?

5. Why does Lilith only wake women at first?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Lilith do when several men try to rape a woman?

2. What does Jdahya tell Lilith about the sexes of the Oankali?

3. What does Lilith find out about her memory when she allows Nikanj to work on her?

4. In Chapter Nine, Nursery, why is Joseph angry at Lilith and what happens when they argue?

5. Who is in the room when Lilith wakes in Chapter 2 and what does she learn?

6. What does Lilith watch Jdahya do when they leave the room and what is his explanation of his action?

7. Who does Lilith meet in Chapter One of Dawn and how does she feel about Jdahya?

8. What does Jdahya tell Lilith the Oankali have discovered about the human species?

9. What does Lilith do before she wakes any humans and who does she decide to wake first?

10. What two men are the first to be awaken by Lilith, what do they think of Lilith's story and what does one of them say about their return to earth?

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