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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Curt believe Joseph was not human?
(a) He could see long distances.
(b) He was stronger than everyone else.
(c) His minor injuries healed immediately.
(d) He was too smart.

2. What does Jdahya explain about the space ship?
(a) It is able to burrow under the ground for protection against the nuclear wastes.
(b) It is alive.
(c) It grows as more space is needed.
(d) It is in charge of all the Earth captives.

3. What does the person from question #38 tell Lilith when Lilith says she is a prisoner?
(a) She has no idea what Lilith means.
(b) That Lilith is lying.
(c) That Lilith is more like a trustee.
(d) That they should break out of prison.

4. Why do some question Lilith's leadership?
(a) They are unsure of her loyalties.
(b) She doesn't speak their language well.
(c) She is a female.
(d) She is pregnant.

5. Why is Lilith looking at the information about the humans on the Oankali ship?
(a) To decide with whom she will mate.
(b) To see if any of her family survived.
(c) To choose ones to wake up.
(d) To choose which ones to kill.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Lilith feel about Joseph's idea?

2. Why does Lilith like Jdahya?

3. What happens when Lilith refuses to stay with the first human she meets on the Oankali ship?

4. What does Tino remember from the ship when he was younger?

5. What do the men in the forest do to Akin?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who attacks Lilith's camp, what does he do, who finds Lilith and what happens to Joseph?

2. What does Jdahya tell Lilith about her group and earth and the Oankali and earth?

3. What does Lilith watch Jdahya do when they leave the room and what is his explanation of his action?

4. About what is Akin warned and why does his family watch him closely?

5. What does Lilith do before she wakes any humans and who does she decide to wake first?

6. In Chapter 4, where do Lilith and Joseph go and why are the others following them?

7. Where is Lilith Iyapo when she wakes up in Chapter 1 and what is different this time then other times she's awakened? What does Lilith know about her situation?

8. What does Jdahya tell Lilith about the sexes of the Oankali?

9. What does Nikanj say about Lilith's worries?

10. How are the humans reacting when many of them have been woken and what does Lilith do when attacked and what does she realize?

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