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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What form of body does Akin prefer?
(a) Human.
(b) He has no preference.
(c) Oankali.
(d) A mixture of human and Oankali.

2. Why does Akin hope he will be bought in Phoenix?
(a) There are many nice people there.
(b) It is very clean.
(c) It is Tino's home village.
(d) The food is good.

3. Why is Tiikuchahk going to stay around Akin?
(a) He has to teach Akin how to heal people.
(b) He is his body guard.
(c) He is infatuated with Akin.
(d) He is his closest age sibling.

4. What does Jodahs seek when he goes into the forest?
(a) A way to heal Aaor.
(b) A human woman.
(c) Solitude.
(d) A totem animal.

5. Why does Dichaan decide to ask the ship for a shuttle?
(a) So Lilith can return for her last pregnancy.
(b) To make Akin go to the ship.
(c) So Tino can go to the ship.
(d) So Dichaan can return to the ship.

6. Why is Nikanj disappointed about Aaor's metamorphosis?
(a) Aaor is going to be a female.
(b) Aaor is going to be a male.
(c) Aaor is not going to complete metamorphosis.
(d) Aaor is going to be an ooloi.

7. What will Akin do after he bonds with Tiikuchahk?
(a) Find people who know how to terraform a planet.
(b) Live with his mother.
(c) Mate with a human.
(d) Stay on the ship.

8. What does Nikanj tell Jodahs will be one of Jodahs' abilities?
(a) He can change his body to be what his mate wants.
(b) He will always know if someone is telling the truth.
(c) He can control a space ship with his mind.
(d) He will be able to mate without an ooloi.

9. What is wrong with the male and female Jodahs finds in the forest?
(a) They are covered in tumors.
(b) They are hungry.
(c) They can't talk.
(d) They are blind.

10. In Chapter 2 where do the human resisters head with Akin?
(a) Across the forest on horseback.
(b) To the northern desert.
(c) They take him to the space ship.
(d) Upriver in a boat.

11. What will happen to the humans who might want to live on a new planet?
(a) They will never be able to have children.
(b) They will have to give up their Oankali mates.
(c) They will live to be hundreds of years old.
(d) Their fertility will be restored.

12. How long does metamorphosis take?
(a) Two years.
(b) Months.
(c) Seven days.
(d) Three weeks.

13. About what is Tino arguing with the Oankali in Chapter 1?
(a) Akin.
(b) Lilith.
(c) Spending time on the space ship.
(d) Nikanj.

14. In Chapter 7, how did the woman Nikanj and Jodahs' head get hurt?
(a) She was bit by an animal.
(b) She fell from a tree.
(c) Men hurt her.
(d) She slipped into the river.

15. Why does Akin want to go to the ship?
(a) To go with Dichaan to see his Oankali mother.
(b) He doesn't want to go to the ship.
(c) To help the resisters.
(d) To accompany Lilith to the ship.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Galt not said to the other captors about Akin?

2. What does Akin realize after he wakes up from Gabriel hitting him?

3. Who comes to the house where Akin is and begins to fight with the men who brought Akin to Phoenix?

4. What does Aaor tell Jodahs after he links with him?

5. Why do Akin and his captors leave the second village in the middle of the night?

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