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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Akin hope he will be bought in Phoenix?
(a) It is Tino's home village.
(b) The food is good.
(c) It is very clean.
(d) There are many nice people there.

2. Who rescues Akin when the house is on fire?
(a) Gabriel.
(b) Sarat.
(c) Tino.
(d) Tate.

3. What happens to Aaor after Jodahs heals the human?
(a) Aaor gets sick.
(b) Aaor wants to stay with Jodahs.
(c) Aaor wants to mate with the human.
(d) Aaor doesn't want to heal anyone else.

4. What will Akin do after he bonds with Tiikuchahk?
(a) Mate with a human.
(b) Find people who know how to terraform a planet.
(c) Live with his mother.
(d) Stay on the ship.

5. What do the people in Phoenix talk to Akin about when he is changing?
(a) About Tate and Gabriel.
(b) About his mother, Lilith.
(c) About how horrible he looks.
(d) About going to another planet.

6. What form of body does Akin prefer?
(a) He has no preference.
(b) Human.
(c) A mixture of human and Oankali.
(d) Oankali.

7. What sex does Jodahs think it will be after his metamorphosis?
(a) Ooloi.
(b) Female.
(c) He doesn't have an opinion.
(d) Male.

8. What does Akin fear about metamorphosis?
(a) He will no longer look Oankali.
(b) He will no longer be an ooloi.
(c) He will no longer be a male.
(d) He will no longer look human.

9. With whom does Tino need to bond in Chapter 5?
(a) Akin.
(b) Another ooloi.
(c) Lilith.
(d) A sibling about to be born.

10. What does Akin tell the man who takes him away from the group?
(a) That he wants to go home.
(b) That the ooloi will be coming for him.
(c) That he is not human.
(d) That an ooloia could heal the man who has something wrong with him.

11. What does Iriarte tell Akin to do in Phoenix?
(a) To act like a human baby.
(b) To keep his mouth shut.
(c) To run into the woods.
(d) To speak so the people know he can.

12. Why does Tate say she will leave Earth?
(a) It is too polluted.
(b) She has not had a happy life there.
(c) It is too primitive.
(d) To have children.

13. Why do the humans who don't want to leave Earth still decide to do it?
(a) To get out from under the Oankali.
(b) To have a longer life span.
(c) To have a planet that hasn't had a war on it.
(d) To be healed of deformities.

14. What does one of the woman in Phoenix want to do with the two female constructs?
(a) Adopt them.
(b) Send them back to the Oankali.
(c) Cut off their sensory arms.
(d) Kill them.

15. What does the note say the men found in the village?
(a) The people have decided to go live with the Oankali.
(b) The people are going to another location.
(c) The people have moved to Phoenix.
(d) The people were carried off by other humans.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Akin taken to show him where he will be hid if the Oankali come?

2. What is the name of the human who Jodahs healed?

3. What happens to Jodahs as he is traveling with Tomas and Jesusa?

4. About what does Akin talk to Tate?

5. In Chapter 7, how did the woman Nikanj and Jodahs' head get hurt?

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