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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Nikanj disappointed about Aaor's metamorphosis?
(a) Aaor is not going to complete metamorphosis.
(b) Aaor is going to be an ooloi.
(c) Aaor is going to be a male.
(d) Aaor is going to be a female.

2. With whom is Akin spending a lot of his time?
(a) His mother.
(b) His sisters.
(c) The resisters.
(d) The ooloi council.

3. What worries Akin about his appearance?
(a) He no longer looks human.
(b) He no longer looks Oankali.
(c) He has never gotten very big.
(d) He looks more human than Tate.

4. Why does Jodahs look as he does?
(a) He is trying to fly.
(b) He doesn't know why he looks that way.
(c) There are no Oankali around to please.
(d) There are no humans around to please.

5. Why does Dichaan decide to ask the ship for a shuttle?
(a) To make Akin go to the ship.
(b) So Tino can go to the ship.
(c) So Lilith can return for her last pregnancy.
(d) So Dichaan can return to the ship.

6. What do the people in Phoenix talk to Akin about when he is changing?
(a) About how horrible he looks.
(b) About Tate and Gabriel.
(c) About going to another planet.
(d) About his mother, Lilith.

7. Where is Akin taken to show him where he will be hid if the Oankali come?
(a) The salvage mines.
(b) The caves above the village.
(c) The woods north of the village.
(d) A cabin on the river.

8. In Chapter 7, how did the woman Nikanj and Jodahs' head get hurt?
(a) She was bit by an animal.
(b) She fell from a tree.
(c) Men hurt her.
(d) She slipped into the river.

9. What is happening to Akin in Chapter 5?
(a) He is being held captive by resisters.
(b) He is feeling very sick.
(c) He is in and out of consciousness.
(d) He is confused about his plans.

10. Why does Akin decide to stay close to one particular captor?
(a) The man reminds him of his father.
(b) He seems like the leader.
(c) The man has been kind to him.
(d) The man is smaller than the others.

11. What do the men who have Akin discuss when they stop for a rest?
(a) What to do with him.
(b) Whether they should ask for ransom.
(c) If they can bribe the Oankali for human fertility with him.
(d) The price Akin might bring.

12. In Chapter 2 where do the human resisters head with Akin?
(a) Across the forest on horseback.
(b) Upriver in a boat.
(c) To the northern desert.
(d) They take him to the space ship.

13. What does Aaor tell Jodahs after he links with him?
(a) He has finished metamorphosis.
(b) Something is wrong.
(c) Everything is proceeding smoothly.
(d) He hasn't started metamorphosis.

14. Why does the man in question #161 become angry with Jodahs?
(a) He says Oankali use men as women.
(b) He hates the Oankali for destroying earth.
(c) His leg still hurts.
(d) He is angry they amputated his leg.

15. Why do the humans who don't want to leave Earth still decide to do it?
(a) To have a planet that hasn't had a war on it.
(b) To be healed of deformities.
(c) To have a longer life span.
(d) To get out from under the Oankali.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the human who Jodahs healed?

2. What does Nikanj say about Jodahs change?

3. What will be a residual affect to Tino's beating?

4. What happens to Aaor after Jodahs heals the human?

5. What has Galt not said to the other captors about Akin?

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