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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lilith find when she returns from gathering supplies in Chapter 8?
(a) Everyone has been sent to earth.
(b) Tate is pregnant.
(c) Curt has been executed.
(d) Joseph has been returned from the dead.

2. What happens when Lilith tries to hold Joseph's hand in Chapter 5?
(a) Nothing happens.
(b) They are repelled from each other.
(c) Their hands break out into a rash.
(d) They can't let go of each others' hands.

3. What about Lilith's body allowed Nikanj to heal?
(a) Her female hormones.
(b) Human DNA.
(c) The hemoglobin in her blood.
(d) The cancer ability.

4. What does Curt do to Lilith when he attacks their camp?
(a) Knocks her out.
(b) Drowns her.
(c) Ties her up.
(d) Breaks her leg.

5. What does Jdahya say about his people helping Earth?
(a) They help out of scientific curiosity.
(b) The Earthlings must accept Jdahya's people living on Earth also.
(c) There is a price.
(d) The Earthlings must learn to get along better.

6. Where does Nikanj take Lilith after they meet?
(a) To see its friends.
(b) To the dining facility.
(c) To see the ship's bridge.
(d) To his quarters.

7. What does Lilith offer to the resister?
(a) That she will help him collect mushrooms for his container.
(b) That he can stay in her village.
(c) That he can have the hares.
(d) That he can play with Akin.

8. What kind of ability does Nikanj agree to give Joseph?
(a) The ability to open the doors on the ship.
(b) Superhuman strength.
(c) The ability to heal himself.
(d) Telepathy.

9. How does Lilith feel about Joseph's idea?
(a) She thinks it is immoral.
(b) She doesn't think it is possible.
(c) She has no opinion.
(d) She agrees with it.

10. How many different sexes of Jdahya's species are there?
(a) 2.
(b) 1.
(c) 3.
(d) 4.

11. What does Joseph think the humans should do?
(a) Escape once on earth.
(b) Take over the space ship.
(c) Kill all the Oankali.
(d) Refuse the trade.

12. What do Lilith and Joseph find when they arrive at the meeting place?
(a) The water is polluted.
(b) No one there.
(c) The trees have been cut down.
(d) An entire village.

13. About what is Akin warned by members of his family?
(a) About talking too much.
(b) About having a human mother.
(c) About humans.
(d) About playing in the sun.

14. What does Lilith realize about her physical strength?
(a) She has lost a lot of her strength.
(b) She thinks she is stronger than the Oankali.
(c) She doesn't notice any difference in her strength.
(d) She has been given tremendous strength.

15. Where does Lilith learn she is?
(a) She does not yet know.
(b) Far underground near the continent of Australia.
(c) On a space ship.
(d) Far underground near the continent of Antarctica.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Lilith given to Kahguyaht?

2. Who desires the construct children?

3. What is odd about the place where Lilith awakens?

4. Who are the ooloi?

5. What does Nikanj say Joseph has learned to endure?

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