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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Peter die?
(a) He is hit by a Oankali stinger.
(b) He has taken ill.
(c) He fell from one deck of the ship to the one below it.
(d) He is killed by Joseph.

2. What does Curt do to Lilith when he attacks their camp?
(a) Breaks her leg.
(b) Ties her up.
(c) Drowns her.
(d) Knocks her out.

3. What does Nikanj tell Lilith Kahguyaht wants to do to her?
(a) Help her grow sensory arms.
(b) Change her memory.
(c) Take her to the home planet.
(d) Impregnate her.

4. What does Curt do to Nikanj?
(a) Cuts his leg.
(b) Hits him in the head.
(c) Cuts off one sensory arm.
(d) Socks him in the face.

5. Why did Curt believe Joseph was not human?
(a) He could see long distances.
(b) His minor injuries healed immediately.
(c) He was stronger than everyone else.
(d) He was too smart.

6. What does Lilith offer to the resister?
(a) That he can stay in her village.
(b) That he can play with Akin.
(c) That he can have the hares.
(d) That she will help him collect mushrooms for his container.

7. With whom is Lilith told she must stay for a while to prepare for her future life?
(a) A female Oankali.
(b) With Jdahya.
(c) A male Oankali.
(d) An ooloi.

8. How does the person from question #38 think about what Lilith tells her?
(a) She believes Lilith and wants to learn more.
(b) Thinks it is wonderful.
(c) Is angry about it.
(d) Does not fully believe it.

9. What are the humans speaking out about in Chapter 1?
(a) About Lilith's alien baby.
(b) About having children.
(c) About the quality of the food.
(d) About what the Oankali are doing.

10. How does Lilith feel about Kahguyaht's plan?
(a) She does not want it but finally agrees.
(b) She thinks it is immoral.
(c) She is enthusiastic.
(d) She absolutely refuses to participate.

11. About what is Akin warned by members of his family?
(a) About playing in the sun.
(b) About having a human mother.
(c) About humans.
(d) About talking too much.

12. What is the name of Jdahya's species?
(a) Jeepkani.
(b) Oankali.
(c) Ankeesa.
(d) They have no name.

13. What happens to the person in question # 29?
(a) His brain is operated on to improve his mood.
(b) Nothing.
(c) He is put back to sleep.
(d) He is killed.

14. What does Joseph think the humans should do?
(a) Kill all the Oankali.
(b) Take over the space ship.
(c) Escape once on earth.
(d) Refuse the trade.

15. Where does Nikanj have to go in Chapter 11?
(a) To Lilith's quarters.
(b) To the hospital.
(c) To earth.
(d) To live with its Oankali mates.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lilith trying to learn in Chapter 4?

2. What do Lilith's captives ask her?

3. How many different sexes of Jdahya's species are there?

4. Why can't Lilith leave the house where she is with Nikanj?

5. What about Lilith's body allowed Nikanj to heal?

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