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Space Ship.

Have the class build a model of what they think the Oankali space ship looked like.

The Oankali.

Have the students each draw a picture of what they think an Oankali looks like without putting their names on the picture. Hang the pictures in the room and have the students vote on which on they think resembles best the Oankali.

Alien Culture.

In groups have groups come up with an alien culture and have them present the alien culture to the class.

Class debate.

Have the class set up a debate on the following question: Did the Oankali have the right to interfere in human history?


Write several entries in a diary that Lilith uses during her first couple of years on the Oankali ship.

Letter from Lilith to her children.

Write a letter from Lilith to her construct children explaining why she chose to...

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