Lilith's Brood Character Descriptions

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Lilith Iyapo

She is the first character that the story follows. Later in the trilogy she seemingly becomes a lesser character but the characters that become the major characters are all her descendants.


He is the construct child of Lilith Iyapo. Although half Oankali, appears very much like a Human child with the exception of his gray tongue, which he uses as other Oankali use their sensory tentacles.


He is a construct child of Lilith Iyapo. It is supposed to be a male Oankali when it goes into metamorphosis but something goes wrong and when it begins metamorphosis it is discovered that it will not be male or female but a third sex which the Oankali call ooloi.


It is Lilith's ooloi mate. Lilith is paired with it when it is a child.


It is Jodahs's closest sibling. Jodahs is certain he will be...

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