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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Vane examine along the river bed?
(a) Water nymphs.
(b) Water lilies.
(c) Shrubs and trees.
(d) Gems.

2. What makes Vane shudder?
(a) The noises of the panther.
(b) The rattle of a snake.
(c) The noises of the lion.
(d) To think about how everything is so uncertain in the world he is in.

3. What does Raven speak of as he starts the chamber turning?
(a) The way of the wheel.
(b) The end of the return.
(c) Esoteric ideas.
(d) How Vane's father gained enlightenment.

4. What does Vane throw away in disgust?
(a) A rotten melon.
(b) A huge, green apple.
(c) A leech that attached itself to Vane.
(d) A slimy water weed.

5. To whose care do the Little Ones commend Vane?
(a) The angel.
(b) Venus.
(c) The sun.
(d) The moon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose papers does Vane find?

2. What does Raven unearth for Vane to follow?

3. What name does the Cat-Woman use?

4. What is growing up Vane's chimney?

5. What does the person in the ravine say about the Little Ones?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Raven call the place where Mr. Vane is and what odd things are there?

2. What comforts Vane about his father and what does Vane postulate about his father's death?

3. What does Raven say about prayers to Vane?

4. What happens after Vane eats a tiny apple?

5. Describe Vane's encounter with a frightened woman in Bulika.

6. Why isn't Raven very accommodating to Vane?

7. Why does Vane decide to go on his own to Raven's world and what sort of reception does he get from Raven?

8. What does Vane do at Cat-Woman's house?

9. Describe the battle Vane witness when he wakes after falling asleep in the forest.

10. Why do the Little Ones weep and why does Vane worry about his interaction with them?

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